2015 Travel Plans

2015 Travel Plans

For those of you that have been following the blog and my Facebook Page this year will know that I love to travel, it’s part of my DNA, something that stirs my heart on a daily basis, so it’s only natural that we have some 2015 travel plans already penciled in on the calendar of 2015.

Our first trip will be to Melbourne in February for a week with a mixture of business and pleasure. Nothing makes my heart sing more when a trip blurs into business, to catching up with friends and family, new adventures and exploring different parts of this wonderful country we call home.

Melbourne is generally an annual pilgrimage for us not to see family and friends (although we do, and love it!) but to see a football game. Not just any old game but one of arched enemies, (think Samson and Goliath) at the infamous MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) with 92,000 other people.

Generally it’s freezing cold (remember we live in tropical Queensland) and our team (Carlton) generally wins. Even if they were the wooden spooners at the time, something stirs within those players and they take the field to beat the enemy, Collingwood!

This trip will be different, it’s earlier in the year as I am attending a two days conference. The rest of our trip will be free to tour the Yarra Valley just an hours drive from Melbourne where some of Australia’s finest wines are grown. Not just a wine region there are many other activities and things to see and do.


Yarra Valley encompasses many beautiful little towns, each with their own unique offerings. There are animal sanctuaries, fruit farms, cheese making, chocolate factory, beautiful restaurants with fresh produce from the local area adorning their menu’s, gorgeous B&B’s to stay, cellar doors, cooking schools, spa’s, fish farms, dairy’s, gold clubs, cycling, ballooning, helicopter rides and more. You could easily spend a month at Yarra Valley and possibly not see everything! Especially if you included the nearby Dandenong ranges!

Our second trip is further out in the year, in September, where we’ll be returning to what I like to think of as my spiritual home, in Bali Indonesia. Island of the Gods. The moment my feet hit the ground there, I always feel like I am home. There is a special feel to Bali, it stems from the beautiful Hindu people. The most gentle people I have met, they live each day and their lives through their hearts.

Living through their heart was a constant reminder on one of my earlier trips to Bali from our organizers guide who reminded us daily about “Taking it easy” He didn’t think about tomorrow he told us, there is RIGHT NOW to live! No matter what was happening, what he was organizing, what worked, what didn’t work, he always had a smile on his face and a warm friendly nature. A good lesson in life!

Each year I review the past year and plan for the year ahead as I described here and of course it always includes travel. In my reviewing and planning time, this year, I stumbled across a site of an American expat travel blogger who has been living in Bali for the past 10 years. In essence his blog is written to encourage the reader to pack up and travel the world, this tugged at my heart strings!

As an former expat, his articles spoke to me, I would love nothing more than to pack up or sell everything and set off either around Australia or the globe, I’m not fussy!

This was my plan back in 2008 when I returned from an Italy trip, then in 2009 I met Kevin and staying in Australia became my priority.

Except that yearning is back and I’m feeling restless. Mid year last year I made a decision to sell my home and my Brick and Mortar businesses. I’ve been talking about this since 2009! Really, it’s such an OLD STORY, one of which my friends and family are tired of hearing! I know I AM!!

…so I took my decision one step further, sold my house and my businesses are next…and then I’m FREE for the next journey, which has already begun here with this blog.

Joseph Campbell tells us in The Hero’s Journey, as human beings we can’t ignore what our heart calls us to. Since 2008 it has been my dream to travel and write, and as it is STILL that constant nagging voice in my head and my heart, I HAVE to honor the call! Stay tuned for more chapters in the book of life!

Do you have a calling in your life that you’ve been ignoring, what is it, I’d love to hear about it?

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