2016 Travel Plans and Beyond

2016 Travel Plans and Beyond

Our 2016 travel plans are firming up and while we are well into 2016 and you may already be back in the full swing of things for over a week now, this is my first week back on deck full-time. For the past few weeks, I’ve been giving myself time, time to think, time to gain clarity what I really want to do for the rest of my life.

Yes, you read the correctly…for the rest of my life!

You see since writing this post last year a LOT has happened. I’ve done EVERYthing I set out to do in that post. We traveled to Melbourne and to Bali later in the year PLUS the BIG news…fanfare please, I SOLD my businesses!!

For those that know me, my close friends and family know what a BIG deal that is as I’ve been banging on about selling them since 2009! The story was not only old it was tiring too, I was sick of hearing myself say it and I’m sure there was a fair amount of eye-rolling going on from my friends and family!

Funny what happens when you write what you want down on paper, it tends to happen, same with a vision board. I spent a Sunday afternoon with 3 close friends in November last year to map out my goals in pictures and it turns out a couple of them are already happening!

2016 travel plans

Hence, the slower start to my year to dream, to contemplate and most importantly get really clear on what my soul wants for the next book in the journey of my life. This Friday when my businesses settle and I drive away with the check in hand, what will be my next move?

Coincidently my partner’s (Kevin) business is also coming to an end just a fortnight after mine and as I use “coincidently” very lightly as I believe there is no such thing as a coincidence since reading James Redman’s book The Celestine Prophesy years ago, I find it interesting that we are both free to design the next part of our lives.

My traveling heart wants to run free, pack everything up and move on. Be a traveling nomad, a location independent travel blogger as so many around the world are doing right now. See I think, possible in the world, possible for me. If someone has already done something I want to do already then all I have to do is find out how and model what they did! Simple.

After 15 1/2 years of running two businesses and Kevin running his, we decided a break was in order to relax and reward ourselves, what is an achievement without a celebration, right? As entrepreneurs, it is such a common theme to move onto the next project without stopping to smell those roses, taking the time to celebrate and give yourself that well-deserved cheer!

For us, this will take the form of a month-long road trip to Bali, Indonesia. We spoke about it last year when we visited Bali. That was after we’d accidently bumped into a real estate agent over dinner one night and ended up spending a day with him viewing real estate with the thought of moving to Bali “at some stage in out lives, once our businesses sold!” And here we are, businesses sold and tickets booked to fly back to Bali in March!

The Bali road trip will take us right around the Island of the Gods (as she is fondly known) we have the first few days booked around the Kerobokan area and then we head over to Sanur to join a trip I select via the travel club we are member of for a further 6 nights then we are off on our adventure around the Island.

Our plan is to have no plan, I love traveling like that, just a loose plan, one where we know certain details such as yes we’ll hire a car and drive around the Island anti-clockwise, however, further than that we’re not really sure until we land and start chatting to people. I’ve always found travelers right there in the moment are a wealth of knowledge that ventures way beyond any guide book can! If you stay open to those opportunities it’s amazing how many show up in your life!

Jumping ahead, I missed February! Further to our 2016 travel plans, we won a 4wd Tour with a tour company in conjunction with a Northern N.S.W. tourism board late last year and I nominated February as the time to travel. It will be a short drive for us, just 1 1/2 hour drive and with an overnight stay we also plan to do some kayaking and have our first go at stand up paddle boarding, wish us luck!

Our Bali trip was intentionally planned for March as my youngest son marry’s his beautiful fiancee mid-April.

Late April we plan to leave Brisbane and move back to the Gold Coast to our unit we have there. With no plans set in concrete for the future, we gather we can use the Gold Coast as a base and come and go as we please renting the unit in a holiday letting pool for the times we are away. I’d love us to still have this view, however, the reality is a 28 story building is now blocking it, sigh.

2016 Travel Plans


Where we are traveling to in those times we have no clarity around at this time! I know that might scare the tar out of you if you love the feeling of security, however, that doesn’t bother me one bit.

Which leaves the remainder of 2016 travel plans open, from June to December we have no firm plans and at this stage, I’m OK with that as I know I haven’t completed my goals for the year. That can only come with the clarity of what I actually want and why I want it.

The goal setting process I go through is fairly extensive touching on 10 areas of my life. I then write affirmations around each goal for each area, WHY I want to achieve that goal and most importantly WHO I have to become to achieve them.

That’s a BIG one, who I have to become because I set some big hairy scary goals and as I haven’t achieved them before I know there have to be some changes within me and also my life and lifestyle.

The process then moves to chunking it down into manageable tasks on a quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily goals, so you can see why the process takes some time, time to think, gain clarity, rejig, if necessary, write it all down and of course press GO!

My “goal” is to have that completed by the end of the week, then the real fun begins to see how many I can cross off and achieve!

How are you going with your goals for 2016, are you done and doing them or like me finishing them off? What about your 2016 travel plans, any on the drawing board? Let me know in the comments below and we can ooh and ahh together!

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