4 Tips Every Entrepreneur Needs To Unplug On Vacation

4 Tips Every Entrepreneur Needs To Unplug On Vacation

Can An Entrepreneur Really Unplug On Vacation? Eventually is my answer!

Most entrepreneurs struggle with unplugging on holidays or a vacation and Kevin and I are no exception. I’d forgotten it’s always been a struggle for me, and my recent trip to Bali was no exception.

I really struggled with not thinking about business, plus I am constantly bombarded with new ideas! In fact, I’m pretty sure I stressed myself out even more trying NOT to think about it, rather than doing what I was actually thinking about!

After a couple of days of lying around a pool and another on the beach I decided some management of the situation was warranted immediately, otherwise I drive myself completely mad and ruin the rest of my trip!

Like most people leading up to a vacation we attempt to get everything “done” before we leave (like it’s not going to be there when we get back?!) so are generally pretty tired and stressed by the time the day rolls around.

Plus, for this particular trip, we had the added stress of our flight being delayed 2 hours and then completely cancelled, only to arrive 12 hours later than planned at 1 am the following day! Not an ideal way to start a vacation!

4 Tips To Unplug On Vacation

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Whose Rules Are They Anyway?

Often we are conditioned by others what we “should” or “shouldn’t” be doing on vacation. We’re told we need to relax, chill out and forget about business, just lie around the pool, sip cocktails and work on a tan.

But whose rules are they and do we really have to play by them?

No was the conclusion I came to, where I picked that up from I don’t care to know, so long as I did something about it, which I did!

Dump It Down!

I decided to dump it all down on paper (always works for me) after all I HAD packed a notebook, so what a brilliant idea of mine to actually use it! ?

Just write all the stuff that you think “has” to be done or is on your mind, no editing, just write!

From that moment, I also jotted notes down either in my notebook or in Evernote depending where we were and what was going on at the time.


Once I’d made my list I looked it over and decided what could wait (was it really necessary?) until I’d returned home and what needed my attention, actioned them, and immediately felt better.

As I’d included the additional local spots we wanted to visit on my list, I organised what day and time we were to do those, then that was taken care of too.

Do What Needs Doing

I had this blog post whirling round in my head, so I wrote and published it, so I did simple things like that.

My daily posts to my Facebook business page also needed doing so I identified the best time for them, based around how we were spending our days.

Now I could relax!

We both did agree that less screen time was more important than trying NOT to think about business, giving more priority to connecting to each other, the environment around us AND thoroughly enjoying ourselves!

Do you find it difficult to unplug when you are on vacation or a holiday? What works for you and how do you unplug so you can relax and enjoy your trip?

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