6 Top Things To Do In Daylesford and Hepburn Springs – Part One

Daylesford and Hepburn Springs

6 Top Things To Do In Daylesford and Hepburn Springs

Daylesford and Hepburn Springs followed our time in Melbourne where we caught up with friends and relatives, saw a little bit more of Victoria and attended a conference.

This part of the trip was to relax, unwind, explore, sleep-in and see a part of Australia neither of us had seen. We weren’t disappointed!

Dubbed “The Spa Capital of Australia” Daylesford and Hepburn Springs lie north-west of Melbourne. Melbourne to Daylesford is approximately an hour and a half if travelling by car. It’s an easy drive, mostly on a freeway until the last half hour of the journey. I’m pretty sure Spa’s outnumbered Pubs and THAT in Australia must be a first!

Daylesford is an old gold mining area and sits about 600 meters (1968ft) above sea level, so the temperatures differ to Melbourne, being colder and wetter throughout the year. Not knowing this caught us out a little on the first night, leaving the doors open with only the fly screen doors to protect us from insects, we really felt the drop in the overnight temperature.

Although our accommodation was in Hepburn Springs it’s just minutes to Daylesford, where the action is, well the most action there IS in two sleepy little townships with a combined population of 3,000!

Arriving Monday before lunch and departing at lunchtime on Wednesday, we found that two days wasn’t really enough to explore the area thoroughly despite the small township. Heck, I could have spent two weeks reviewing different Day Spa’s. Even visiting one Day Spa Daylesford would have been lovely, however, they completely priced me out of their market for ANY treatments as I found treatment prices over the top. Bring on Bali in September!

Despite having only two days to explore, we did manage to see quite a bit of both Daylesford and Hepburn Springs, here’s what we saw.

1. The Boathouse Daylesford

Boathouse Daylesford

Spending an hour or so at the Boathouse Daylesford is delightful! Beautiful food and scenery plus a little of the local wildlife are on show if you are lucky enough to see them. We saw a few cockatoos and ducks that were cruising on the lake.


Oh yes, and the food was pretty good too! I had the Avocado Smash and 65 degrees Egg

2. Lavender Farm Daylesford

Lavender Farm Daylesford - Lavandula - Swiss Italian Farm

Lavandula is a Lavender Farm developed by Carol White 20 years ago. She purchased the run-down property that started its life in the mid-1800’s as a Dairy Farm. The beautiful stone buildings have been lovingly restored by Carol where she lived for 7 years as the Italian families had done hundreds of years ago.

Lav Collage

With an entry of just $4, it is worth every cent to take the tour of the property and listen to its history. The main building with its foot-thick stone walls was once home to Aquilino and Maria Tinetti and their 13 children. I can’t imagine how they coped with no electricity or running water in this rural area, but they did. Back in the day, they were much savvier when it came to an environmental building, considering their surroundings and the elements to build a home that was cool in Summer and warm in Winter.

Not just a Lavender Farm, Lavandula has a Trattoria, accommodation and small rustic shop where you can purchase Lavender products, essential oils, and other gifts.

2015-02-17 12.47.12

 The store also has a history area where you are welcome to pull up a chair and read about the history of the property. We found it a pleasant way to finish our visit to Lavandula.

2015-02-17 12.47.56

3. Mineral Springs Daylesford – Hepburn Mineral Springs

2015-02-17 10.41.19

Hepburn Springs name is no accident as it has the largest concentration of Mineral Springs in Australia. You can safely drink from the springs and on both occasions when we stopped to fill our bottles, we were joined by a few locals with a crateful of empty bottles for filling. Mineral springs they were, think Pellegrino with the taste and the fizz turned up!

Hep Collage

We found plenty of information too from the history of the springs to the various mineral content that the water holds.

Part Two will follow in the next post. Have you visited Daylesford and Hepburn Springs, what did you like most about the area?

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