7 Ways Travel Improves Your Health and Wellbeing

7 Ways Travel Improves Your Health and Wellbeing

It’s well documented that taking time out and unplugging is good for your health. Further studies also show that travel not only improves your health and well-being, it also improves your outlook on life and your happiness.

Project: Time Off shows that vacation days taken are way down from 2013-2015, despite the negative effects of not taking time off, many people are forfeiting their leave time and succumbing to anxiety and stress instead.

Time away from the office is definitely better for your health and travel certainly boosts your happiness and health for these reasons.

7 Ways Travel Improves Your Health and Wellbeing

 7 Ways Travel Improves Your Health & Wellbeing


Just the thought of escaping the daily grind is enough to send some people into ecstasy and planning a trip away is one of the happiest time in a person’s life according to a study by Professors in England, not that you’d need a study to tell you that, right?

I love the process of deciding where to go, where to stay, what to do and the sights we’ll see when we get there. I get excited and start to dream and that always makes me feel good!

Recharge and Reconnect

With the technology obsessed and the work-focused society of the west, is easy to become disconnected from friends, family and yourself. Sure we try to juggle work with health eating, meditating and even Yoga in the hope of reconnecting and finding that sought-after inner peace and happiness. It’s there SOMEWHERE and it’s MY job to find it!

That alone is stressful, what if you can’t quite your mind, can’t journal or write your morning pages? Wait there’s a secret remedy…take some time out, rest and reconnect. Enter travel…

…and you don’t have to pack up and fly to the other side of the world either a simple hour road trip will suffice to a park, a rainforest, beach or place in nature where you have a change of scenery to just r-e-l-a-x. Works every time for me.

Reduces Stress

No doubt if you are anything like me your “To Do” list the week before you travel is like nothing you’ve constructed before! ALL those items that just HAVE to be done before you go, the deadlines, the demands, it’s like the crescendo in a great Tchaikovsky Overture!

By the time your tush hits the seat in a plane or car you’re frazzled, however after unpacking, strolling around the local area checking out what’s available you can feel the stress melting away.

After a couple of days you are sleeping better, taking nanna naps in the afternoon and the problems back at the office are the furthest thing from your mind! It’s official, you’re relaxed!

Play Catch-Up

Speaking of sleep, you’ll sleep more soundly on vacation and quite possibly get a good 7-8 hours of deep sleep which leaves you feeling more rested than your stressed-out work Brothers and Sisters back at the office. We tend to do more walking when we are away, out seeing the sights, strolling down the beach or wandering through parks escaping the heat of the day, hence we sleep better.

Madrid Park

Create Better Memories

When you are rocking on your verandah in years to come I guarantee you won’t be sitting there thinking about all those deadline you made or missed. It will be the memories of time spent with loved ones, the places you visited, the people you meet and even the rustic little restaurant you found on your travels.

Even sitting quietly and remembering a past trip can transport you right back to that moment in time and the just that memory alone can relax you in real time. Yes, you can visualize too, but there is nothing like creating the memory first, witnessing those things on your bucket list first hand, nothing in the world beat that!

Escape The Mundane & Discover

Everybody gets in a rut from time-to-time and travel helps break the monotony of a boring job while you work out what you really want to be doing or while you are waiting for your latest job application to be approved.

When you travel you are opened up to new worlds, new cultures and sometimes you realize that perhaps your life isn’t that bad after all. The contrast that you’ll witness in far away lands often teaches us appreciation on a whole new level.

Plus there’s variety of new faces, food, people and places, life really is an adventure!

Learn More

I could write for days on the lessons I’ve learnt from traveling. Planning, going with the flow, patience, history, geography, reading maps (yes really!) how and where certain foods are grown, seasonal food and so much more. Travel has many lessons to teach if you are a willing student.

In what ways have you found travel improves your health?

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