9 Reasons You Need To Travel More

9 Reasons You Need To Travel More

The reasons you need to travel more are as endless as they are personal to each of us. However, since I’ve been writing about travel there is a common theme from those I chat with and that is they want to travel more.

No matter what your travel style, solo travel, family travel, weekends away or girls weekends, traveling allows us all some fundamentals for our lives that appear to be generic needs for us all.

9 Core Reasons Why We Need To Travel More

9 Core Reasons Why We Need To Travel More

Restore Re-energise and Rest

There is a similar theme that runs through everyone’s lives and I’m sure yours will be no different. Our lives are busy – busy with our careers, running the kids around, running a household, a business, it seems there are not enough hours in the day!

Have you ever noticed when you travel time stands still? We have more time to explore or to simply do nothing. Is this one of the reasons you need to travel more?

There are not the typical distractions of TV, computers and other screens that rob you of hours of your time each day. Instead, that time is spent doing the simple things of listening, watching, chatting with family or friends or even curling up with a good book.

It’s almost like we give ourselves, our bodies and minds permission to unwind, restore, rest and re-energise.

Embrace Playfulness

When we travel there’s a certain element that allows us to play more. I’m not sure whether we start connecting back in with our inner child, but the world appears brighter, we hear ourselves laughing more and was that a massive sigh of relief you just heard?

Recently we took a few days away in the mountains to relax, to chill out and rest. Where we stayed had a flying fox setup, perfect I thought, zip lining was on my dream board for this year, tick!

9 Reasons You Need To Travel More

It brought out the kid in us. We were laughing and joking with the people around us, plus there may have been a few YAHOOOOO’s as we took off down the line and into the treetops. It was such a fun thing to do, even though it was a little scary stepping off the platform and into the unknown!

Break From Routine

I don’t know about you but I find the day-to-day routine of life BORING! In fact, try as I might I can’t stick to one. Every intention is there for a routine life run by the clock but it drives me nuts! To have NO routine when we travel is absolute bliss for me. I like nothing better than to wake up in the morning and decide what I “feel” like doing that day.

If you are a planner that would drive you nuts, I get it, you HAVE to know what’s happening the next day and the next… I’m not saying we don’t plan for some days as we had to here when we went white water rafting, I just couldn’t have my whole time away planned out by the hour. By NOT planning allows for adventure!


Traveling allows us to reconnect with the essence of who we really are. We discover or are reminded of why we are here, what our purpose is and what our passion for life is too. It’s the quiet moments between the activity that allows us to connect into our values and what is important to us. It allows us to let stuff go and get back into the natural ebb and flow of life, rather than resistance which causes frustration and stress.

Travel also affords us more time to connect with our family and our partners too and as we found recently connect in with nature. Have you noticed the calming powers of the ocean as the waves reach the shore or the gentle rustling through the trees as the wind kisses their leaves?

Give Yourself Time and A Break

From reconnecting you are giving yourself time. Time to think about the things that are important in your life, the things that matter most. Travel allows you a break away from work, emails and the demands of the days and weeks of a busy workplace.

New ideas start to surface as a result of the new experiences, people, sight and smells that surround you. Distance and time create clarity.

Want to travel more? Find out how you CAN here!

See The World Differently

We know that there is a HUGE world out there. When we travel we compare. Compare our lives with those less fortunate in some cases, it makes us more humble, more thankful for the life we DO have.

We become thankful for the things we take for granted, public transport, education, clean running water, electricity and healthy food to place on our tables.

Experience Different Worlds

I’ve been fortunate enough to live in Third World Countries as an expat and in my experience there is nothing more humbling. People with nothing are happy! Imagine that! It’s not the “stuff” that will make you happy, the cars, the house with the white picket fence and the LARGE bank account. It’s the people in your life and the experiences you have along the way.

Nothing has been more evident to me from living in Zimbabwe. I did some charity work a couple of times a week to help a friend out. We were raising money for a children’s orphanage and were putting on a morning tea for President Mugabe.

On a visit to the orphanage, we observed the children in their natural environments without them noticing we were there. The children were entertaining themselves, playing together (with no fancy expensive toys I might add!) singing and generally having fun, they were happy!

We later found out those kids didn’t have hot water to shower in, barely any clothes to wear and some had to sleep two to a bed in some cases. It broke my heart as a young Mother of two sons.

Fortunately, we were able to help solve a few of those problems. I cleared out my boys cupboards and also asked around my friends for any unwanted kids clothing or toys and gave them to the kids at the orphanage. As my husband was an electrician he was able to fix the hot water problem. The element was busted so we bought a new one and he installed it, simple! Simple to us as we had the resources to help.

Does experiencing different worlds make your lists of reasons you need to travel more?

The Tastes

Thanks to cooking and travel shows, gone are the days of serving up meat and 3 vegetables for every evening meal! Traveling to different countries allow our taste buds to be tantalized by sampling new dishes and in some cases bring those recipes back into our own kitchens.

If you are fortunate enough to find and participate in a cooking class in an exotic land you’ll learn how to create some of the traditional dishes of that country too. We had that opportunity visiting Bali last time. We were pleasantly surprised how simple it was to create the most incredible flavors of some of our favorite dishes. I highly recommend you do one, plus. you get to sit down afterward and eat what you cook, yum!

Balinese Cooking Class

If cooking and tasting food from all over the world is your thing then this would definitely make your list of reasons you need to travel more!

Learn New Skills

Cooking is one new skill you can learn when traveling more and there are others. Travel challenges our creativeness and stretches us both mentally and physically.

Apparently travel also hones your sense of direction too…hmmm I haven’t quite mastered that one yet!!

What about you, what are your reasons you need to travel more?

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