9 Top Reasons To Add Bali To Your Bucket List

9 Top Reasons To Add Bali To Your Bucket List

Bali was on my bucket list for years before I finally visited in 2004 for the first time. I’d made loose plans on several occasions and never quite made it, I guess it wasn’t THAT much of a priority at the time.

We are visiting the Island of The Gods, as it’s affectionately known as for the 6th time this September and I can’t wait to be back in a land that I could so easily move to in a heartbeat. Bali has a very unique “feel” for me and as soon as the plane touches down, I feel the heat of the day and smell the incense I feel like I am home. Here’s why…

1. The People

people bali

People of Bali

The Hindu Balinese people have a gentleness about them that I haven’t experienced anywhere else in the world. Although the majority of the people are practicing Hindus they also share their island with Muslim Balinese and Indonesians. Both religions respect each other and there has never been any tension according to many people we’ve spoken to when visiting there.

The children are delightful, love having their photo taken and are full of cheer. I took the image on the left after dinner one evening as we were waiting or a taxi, it’s not unusual for them to be with their parents who run the local market stores late into the night.

I watched the ladies on the right move dirt for 4 days. It was hot and humid but it didn’t stop them working and all but one of them did so joyfully, thankful that they could earn money to support their family.

2. The Culture


Balinese Culture

The Balinese culture is very much wrapped around the Hindu way of life. They live in communal villages as extended families and always look out for each other. They very much live in the moment with a philosophy of why to worry about tomorrow when there is today to be lived! They could teach us, Westerners, a thing or two!

3. The Food

the food

The Food of Bali

Think of a cuisine and you would most likely find it in Bali! Seafood is always a favorite as it’s plentiful and fresh! The chicken sate’s are to die for and I always make it a bit of a game to find the best one when I visit eating them at least once per day!

4. The Spa Treatments


Spa Treatments in Bali

Oh. My. Word. I could make Bali all about the Spa Treatments! Beautiful pampering and nurturing at a fraction of western prices. 4 hours of absolute bliss can cost as little as $30 in a top end Spa! Why wouldn’t you treat yourself each day to at least one treatment!?

Read about the best Spa’s in Seminyak here.

5. The Accommodation


Accommodation in Bali

There are rooms for $20 per night to $500+ on Bali. Swanky hotels, resorts beach-front with huge pools and jacuzzis are part of the norm there. What I love and prefer to do is book a private villa. At first, I thought there is no-way we could afford to stay in a private villa, however, when I dug deeper and did a little research I found villa’s for as little as $70/night with private pools, maids and someone to cook your breakfast in the morning! The images above are some of the villas we’ve stayed in over the years.

6. The Cocktails


Cocktails in Bali

If there is a downfall about Bali it’s the price of a bottle of wine. Wine attracts high government taxes, naturally this is passed onto customers. There is an upside, though, cocktails are very reasonably priced and if you were to take a two-week break and tried a different one every day, I guarantee you wouldn’t make it to the end of the list!

7. The Beaches

beaches 3

The Beaches of Bali

Bali has a beautiful coastline with the southern part of the island home to gorgeous golden sand. Further north you will find black sand and right at the southern tip of the Island, waves that people travel from all over the planet to surf, the break is that good.

8. The Scenery


The Scenery in Bali

Beautiful rice paddies adorn the island, be it right next to your accommodation or on the side of a hill. The foliage and is nothing short of spectacular and there is always something to feast your eyes upon.

9. The Sunsets


The Sunsets in Bali

What’s an Island without a sunset? We love the sunsets in Bali as the sun sets right over the water, something that we can’t see where we live unless we’re prepared to take a plane trip to the Western side of Australia. As with most islands, it’s a daily ritual on Bali to grab a cocktail, listen to some cool music spun by the latest up and coming DJ, chill and watch the sunset on the day.

Wondering what to do in Bali? Plan your Bali itinerary here.

There are more than 9 reasons to add Bali to your bucket list, what reasons would you add?

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