A Guide To Accommodation Options – Where Will You Stay?

A Guide To Accommodation Options – Where Will You Stay?

When you think travel you may automatically think hotel unless one of your friends or family has stayed in alternative accommodation.

Hotels tend to be restrictive in some ways but have amenities and activities that could keep you busy from dusk till dawn!

I was first introduced to this form of travel many years ago when living in Zimbabwe. I met a fellow expat (Hi Ann!) who had rented a private home right on the beach in Mauritius. So my family and her family shared a beautiful home right on the beach where we could sit and gaze at the sunsets, yet know our young children would be perfectly safe in the shallows of the calm ocean of our back yard. It’s a perfect way to travel, the kids have their friends along and so do the adults.

Often villa and private home accommodation also come with staff, maids, chefs, and gardeners are quite common so you don’t have to lift a finger! Who doesn’t love that on a vacation? From traveling on many trips, now my preference is to relax in a private villa as I descibe here, or a relaxing stay in a home away from home, in an apartment or private home.

Choice is a word we travelers love and when it comes to accommodation, you DO HAVE CHOICE as you’ll see from my list below, there are 27 (and possibly many more!) different options.

27 Accommodation Options

27 Accommodation Options

1. Hotels

A property that provides travelers with a room and other guest services with ratings from 1 star through to 5 stars depending on location, size and amenities. This and other rating systems such as letter grading are used around the world.

2. Resorts

Usually found in a tropical location by vacationers looking for value for money, relaxation, entertainment and recreation. Many resorts have full board covering all meals and accommodation, some have extras to entice travelers with day spa visits, golf, etc.

3. Private Accommodation

Villas, homes and apartments where you can relax and spread out, they are like staying in a home away from home. Many also have staff in attendance for a totally relaxing time. The facilities may not be as extensive as a hotel or resort.

4. Airbnb

A website that brings you and private real estate owners together. You can rent the whole property or just a room within a private property. This clever concept allows you to live away from the tourist areas and mix with the locals, allowing for a deeper experience.

5. Couchsurfing

I haven’t tried this concept, however, had a friend who have and love it! You sleep on the couch or as in some cases a bed in a private room in a (very kind hearted) stranger’s home or apartment totally free.

I’ve read lots of great stories of friendships lasting beyond the stay and hosts playing tour guides too. Don’t let age discount this way of travel as a girlfriend in her 50’s had a great experience in Portugal Couchsurfing!

6. Hostels

If you are on a budget, hostels will be appealing to you. Inexpensive but usually with shared communal facilities and bedrooms. Some hostels have private rooms and ensuite’s too.

7. BnB’s – Bed and Breakfast

You will be staying with the family that owns the property in one of their bedrooms so if privacy is #1 on your list this type of accommodation may not be for you. If you want somewhere to put your head down for the night and a hearty breakfast then it’s ideal.

8. Motel

Similar accommodation to Hotels minus the elaborate facilities. Generally in a chain i.e. Best Western, bare essentials and originated for people on road trips requiring ample room for vehicle parking.

9. Cottage

Typically a cottage is a small private home in a rural area.

10. Chalet

A wooden building commonly found in ski fields and around resorts. Chalet’s have a unique charm, typically with an open fire.

11.Boutique Hotel

Smaller establishment, often furnished in a unique style, think intimate, high quality with a variety of personalized services. I’ve had little extra’s in the rooms such as Yoga mats and a very civilized “wine hour” where guests are invited to the lounge area to sample the locally produced wines for an hour or so.

12. Lodge

A small rural home used for sporting getaways such as skiing or hunting.

13. Villa

This name is given to accommodation in Asian countries. Villas have 1-4 ensuite bedrooms (some open air!), 98% of the time a private swimming pool, deck area, kitchen and garden area. They also have staff in attendance to cook, clean or run errands for you.

Villa in Bali


14. Apartment

Apartments, units or flats are fully self-contained and are in a large building with a minimum of 4 or a high-density complex. Some have amenities such as pools and gyms.

15. Camp

Temporary structures used for travelers including tents and huts.

16. Inn

Overnight accommodation for travelers, usually with shared bathrooms. They offer a bed for the night, food and drink.

17. Penthouse

The top floor of an apartment building, generally with spectacular views and luxury appointments.

18. Chateaux

The French use this term to describe vineyard estates, however, it could be used to also describe a castle or country home.

19. Manor

A large historical home or mansion, on acreage formerly owned by a noble English family.

20. Townhouse

Townhouses are generally found in a residential gated community, have a common wall connecting two homes and are multi-levelled.

22. RV

Recreation vehicles are a true home away from home. They have all the inclusions of a home, bed, kitchen and some with laundry areas and bathrooms. They come in several forms, camper trailers, campervans, 5th wheelers and caravans are towed behind a 4wd with motorhomes such as Winnebago’s an all-in-one home on wheels.

23. Yacht

Floating luxury accommodation offering every convenience. There are sailing yachts and motorized yachts varying in size only limited by your imagination. I’ve sailed past a super yacht, what an amazing structure, several stories high with every motorized toy known to man!

24. Farmhouse

Great to get away from it all with the family. City kids love this type of accommodation as they get to meet the farm animals and are sometimes involved with the everyday life of running a farm too. E.g. collecting eggs.

Many farms are now offering farmhouse accommodation to supplement their incomes.

25. Guesthouse

Guesthouses offer basic accommodation and amenities to travelers.

26. Eco Hotel

An environmentally friendly establishment promoting sustainable tourism and green living. They use recycled materials, renewable resources and local organically sourced food to minimize the impact on the environment.

27. Castle

Typically found in the Middle East and Europe, Castles offer opulent accommodation often associated with royalty in historic properties.

Have you stayed in another type of accommodation not found in the list? Let me know in the comments below or keep the conversation going over on Facebook!

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