A-Z Guidebook – Italy

A-Z Guidebook – Italy

Italy, if there were an award for a country that created the most travel writer’s it would be awarded to Italy. It was she who lured me into writing!

Writing about Italy came purely as a medium for friends and family to live vicariously through my travels to Italy 8 years ago, my love affair with both continues.

I first stepped foot on her from a train I caught from Paris. Treated to some spectacular scenery from the comfort of my first class seat on an all-day trip, my final destination was Florence for the day. Florence is home to the best ragu and pasta dish…ever!

Apart from another pasta dish I had in Monterosso al Mare the first town on the Cinque Terre or the Italian Riveria as the region is nicknamed. If I were the only diner that night I surely would have licked the plate, the flavours so delicious!


With only the first 4 days in Madrid and the last week in Positano booked it left a wonderful 5 weeks traveling purely on a whim to wherever I felt, experiencing real travel freedom.

Apart from the food I loved Florence for her architecture, museums, art, history and beautiful setting.

A 4-day road trip through Tuscany would have to be one of the highlights too, the rolling hills, sunflowers, and hilltop towns.

Of course Rome, full of her history, monuments, sites and museum’s has to make the “must do” sections on bucket lists. As is a climb to the top of the dome in St Peter’s if not to see the millions of magnificent mozac tiles that line the inside the dome, then for the magnificent 360-degree views of Rome herself.

A trip to Italy would not be complete without the white knuckle ride down the Amalfi Coast Road by coach from Sorrento. Here’s an excerpt from my blogging about the trip…

A-Z Guidebook Italy

“The trips starts with a mundane trip through suburban Sorrento then climbs out of the city, with spectacular views back towards Naples. From this trip I have a few theories about the bus drivers of the Amalfi Coast 1) They were Kamikaze pilots in a previous life and 2) They have a record which is kept a secret from anyone outside “The Secret Bus Drivers Club” that they try to break every time they drive any part of the coast! They also win extra points when their mobile rings and they answer it leaving only one hand free to change gears and drive the bus (as ours did!) There were a couple of times I had to look away as if felt like the bus was balancing in thin air with no road beneath. Although not (normally) scared of heights and had to remind myself I was not the first person to ride the bus on the Coast and survive, so I would be OK!

When we finally reached Amalfi where we were met by our host, I hoped my legs would hold up as I shakily climbed down the stairs and onto the tarmac of the car park. I wasn’t sure whether to kiss the road or the bus driver!”

Have you traveled to Italy, what did you love most?

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