Affordable Cashmere

Affordable Cashmere


Affordable cashmere wasn’t something that made it on my shopping list to purchase the year I visited Hong Kong.

That changed quickly as I wandered through the various laneways and districts of Hong Kong Island. I stumbled across a shop with some stunningly beautiful colors and a variety of clothing pieces made from Cashmere. Each piece was beautiful and soft, one, in particular, caught my eye.

My initial thoughts turned to articles and magazines I’d read, how expensive cashmere was and mainly enjoyed by the rich the famous and Royals (think Kate Middleton and Meghan Markel). Imagine my surprise when I discovered how reasonably priced each garment was!

Immediately I was drawn to a jumper, but it was the piece of cashmere that had a few buttons and buttonholes down each side that had peaked my interest.

Affordable Cashmere Travel Wrap

If you’ve ever shopped in Asia you’ll understand the efficiency of the salespeople there. Very quickly the shop attendant slid the piece of cashmere off its hanger and onto me and proceeded to show me all the different ways I could wear it. “We call it a mini cape or 5 Way Cashmere Poncho,” she explained. Once I felt how soft it was against my skin, without any hesitation, I bought it.

I also pictured the many times I’d use it as it was so versatile, lightweight, yet thick enough to be cozy and warm and I could take it anywhere. In my handbag, when I traveled, chilly cinemas, restaurants, on a breezy summer’s evening, or simply sitting at home curling up with a good book, practically anywhere and all year round!

How A Piece Of Cashmere Saved The Night

One of the main reasons I bought the cashmere travel wrap was to use on long-haul flights. When I packed to travel to Chicago it was the first item that made it into my handbag. Perfect for the 13-hour flight to L.A. and a further 3 1/2 hours to O’Hare airport in Chicago. On that occasion, I wore it as a travel wrap loosely draped over my shoulders. You could easily use your cashmere travel wrap as a travel blanket too.

As traveling and packing light was my new mantra, and my stay was a quick turnaround of 4 days, I was determined to fly to Chicago with just a carry-on. I planned each day carefully, laid out my clothes for each day and each function, or so I thought.

My packing skills and planning were perfect, my selection on the ground wasn’t. Somehow, (probably jet lag!) I managed to mix up the shirt I was to wear to Saturday night’s dinner as I’d worn it on a previous night. All I had clean was a long sleeved T-Shirt with Adidas blazoned across the front. Hardly appropriate for dinner in a fine dining restaurant!

Thank goodness I had my affordable cashmere travel wrap with me, it really saved the night! It worked beautifully with my pants and boots plus it covered up the logo on the front.

Affordable Cashmere

Did I mention the reason I was in Chicago was to attend a Mastermind Meeting with my Mentor and Colleagues? When discussions turned to my business the following day, my affordable cashmere once again made the spotlight. The encouragement I received from all the ladies in the room was enough to turn my mission to track down the manufacturer of the Affordable Cashmere and bring it to you! I know you’ll love it just as much as I do.

See the new season colors here

This super versatile, all-season friendly, affordable cashmere is a must in any wardrobe. From cashmere poncho to cashmere scarf to cashmere wrap or an extra piece of clothing for warmth, it’s super stylish and easy to wear. Team your affordable cashmere with your favorite jeans, pencil skirts, dresses, leggings/tights, OR make your own style it goes with virtually everything in your closet!

Tick CashmereCan be worn all year round as an extra layer on a chilly day or a welcome wrap for a cool summers evening

Tick CashmereLooks fantastic with jeans or leggings or just as fabulous with a skirt and boots

Tick CashmereLightweight, go anywhere, carry in your purse, this versatile piece is a staple wardrobe must-have for today’s woman

Tick CashmereColors to complement your existing wardrobe that will go with most things!

Tick CashmereEasy carry-on for travelers as it’s easily placed and removed from your purse at a moments notice, barely weighing a thing! Use it like a cashmere travel wrap, cashmere travel blanket or even a comfy pillow!

Tick CashmereMakes an excellent gift for nursing mothers too

Tick CashmereOne size fits all 6-18 and suits all ages

Tick CashmerePrice Only AUD$207 with free delivery anywhere in the world


Ladies often ask how I can keep the price SO LOW as they’ve seen basic cashmere travel wraps in department stores often double or triple the price! They wonder about the quality, but I assure them it’s 100% cashmere and is at least the same and in many cases a better quality, plus it’s so versatile. It’s simple really, I don’t have the overheads the department stores have, rent, wages, electricity, etc, so I can keep the cost down which is a win for you!

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Cashmere Travel Wrap