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Amarella Fine Foods

Ambarella Fine Foods is located in such an unusual spot; even locals are surprised when they stumble across the store. This recently renovated foodie haven is surrounded by a toy shop, an op shop, Queensland Transport and other run-of-the-mill retail outlets.

Beyond the front doors, you’ll find a juice bar, gelato bar, café, bakery, delicatessen, butchery, fruit and vegetables, frozen and cold goods and grocery aisles.

You’ll be spoilt for choice with the extensive selection of local produce and gourmet foods. This store takes foodies to a whole new platform of gastronomic delights.

Ambarella Fine Foods Gold Coast Foodie Haven

Homemade Gelato and Juice Bar

Taste one of the 16 flavours of gelato made by the in-house gelato chef and be transported back to the streets of Italy. Traditional flavours such as choc mint and vanilla bean are available plus new to the menu, cherry ripe slice and strawberries and cream.

Kids love the bubblegum and cookies and cream and Ferraro Roche is the favourite for adults. All flavours are served in a cone or cup or there’s the added bonus, this creamy delight comes in take-home packs too.

Fresh gelato at Ambarella Fine Foods

Or maybe you are not in the mood for a gelato? Perhaps Ambarella’s famous Açai bowls or smoothies are more to your liking? Decorated with fresh seasonal fruits, coconut and nuts that are rich in superfoods are a hit with the kids and adults.

The most popular Acai order is Nutella hazelnut (a healthy version of course) and raw cocoa. Fresh fruit salad or choices of 12 protein bliss balls or slices are also on offer.

Don’t let the names of Choc Berry; Choc Bounty Addiction, Lemon Obsession and Salted Carmel Sensation put you off. These healthy treats are preservative; gluten and sugar-free and are packed with superfoods.

Acai Bowls Ambarella Fine Foods

Smoothies and fresh juices are popular all year round, create your own, or choose from the 6 smoothies, 3 protein smoothies, 7 fresh juices or 5 super juices on the menu board.

Or if it’s a real treat day you could order a special gourmet gelato shake.

Ambarella Fine Foods Cafe

If you are craving something more substantial then you could sample one of the 4 fresh salads from the café. All the salads change daily. Salads such as Byron Bay Chicken; roast pumpkin, Greek, raw vegetable and peanut satay.

There’s also Tamari brown rice with capsicum and sweet potato, Mediterranean Salad or the Asian Chicken are just a few of the salads on offer throughout the week.

Arancini balls, fish cakes, quiche, lasagna, Turkish bread, and bagels are available at the café too. All made fresh daily in the Ambarella Fine Foods kitchen.

Ambarella Cafe

With recent renovations taking place in October 2017, the coffee machine was upgraded to a state of the art machine that guarantee’s your coffee will taste the same every time you order, no matter what barista brews it…and the coffee?

Most local office workers will tell you Ambarella coffee it’s the best on the coast. If the coffee queue and the 3 baristas on daily creating the coffee to your taste are any indications, it’s definitely believable. We’ve tasted the coffee here and it’s good, very good.

Ambarella Fine Foods Bakery

The bakery stocks 20+ individual cakes and French pastries to rival any French patisserie.

Ambarella Fine Foods

Plus an endless choice of whole cakes, including old favourites such as Black Forest Cherry Cake and the more contemporary chocolate mud cake, carrot cake and Noshu chocolate and raspberry (Noshu means sugar-free in case you were wondering).

The bakery serves Boscastle gourmet pies flown in from Melbourne, over 12 varieties of local artisan loaves of bread and 8 flavours of fudge.

Best Gold Coast Delicatessen

Since the upgrade, Ambarella’s delicatessen could easily take the converted award of the best deli on the Gold Coast. The range of cheese and continental meats are that extensive.

From Montgomery cheese – the best cheddar cheese in the world, to the French d’Affinois range including double, triple, washed rind, Brie’s, bleu, and truffle.

The Deli also stocks Artisan Australian cheeses, aged Manchego, goat and Dutch Gouda’s, Leyden and smoked cheeses.

Blues aren’t left out with a comprehensive range of blue from a traditional Danish blue to the King of blues, Stilton, St Agur and Roquefort.

Some customers find it difficult to choose, as the selection of cheese is that comprehensive according to the Deli team.

Best Deli Gold Coast

Plain and flavoured olives are available at the deli including Sicilian, Kalamata and Queen olives.

There are olives stuffed with garlic, anchovies, blue cheese and chilli, wood-smoked Kalamata’s, lemon and garlic Sicilian greens and not-to-be-missed Ambarella’s own mix of olives with their secret marinade.

The deli team is lead by Eduardo or Ted as he likes to be called, an Australian Italian and former deli owner from the North Shore of Sydney. He has a wealth of knowledge about continental goods and tells us the Italian San Danielle Prosciutto is the most popular of the continental meats at Ambarella.

The range of continental meats is impressive as the range of cheeses. The deli carries over 30 styles of meat from Australia, Italy, Holland and some produced by local artisan’s on the Gold Coast.

Continental meats are sliced fresh if you prefer and if time isn’t on your side then the meat is available in the refrigerated section, pre-sliced and packaged, as are most of the cheeses.

Gourmet Deli Platters

Entertaining? Then the deli takes all the stress out of it for you with their gourmet deli platters. They just need to know your likes, dislikes, catering number and your budget.

They’ll even create a mixture of fruit and chocolate or antipasto platters too.

Platters Gold Coast

Old Fashioned Butchery

Adjacent to the Deli you’ll find an old-fashioned butcher in the store with lamb from Tasmania, as is the Cape Grim Beef. Both are grass-fed and halal.

Lee the meat manager and his team also create some drool-worthy, ready-to-cook individual portions ranging from the popular chicken pinwheels, tucker-bags, mignons and stuffed mini roasts.

Best butcher Gold Coast

Flavoursome, nutritious goodness can be on your plate within an hour of walking in the door.

The award-winning sausages are made fresh on the premises and all are gluten-free.

Speciality Foods

Customers are delighted when they find a special product from their homeland in the grocery aisles.

Groceries are imported from France, Italy, Holland, Russia, Spain, Portugal and Asia.

Rarely will you see any of Ambarella’s imported products on standard supermarket shelves elsewhere, that is apart from the basics we all need.

Organic and Vegan Foods

Other products stocked in-store include frozen, dairy, Vegan and Organic products.

There is milk, cream and custard from Maleny Dairy, most of the Barambah Organics dairy range, a variety of Organic brands and extensive range of Vegan cheeses, dips, pastries, condiments and tofu.

Ambarella Fine Foods Owners

Brother’s Kevin and Brendan Walsh have owned the 6-year-old store since September 2016. With 50 years of combined retail experience between them, it was always their plan to renovate the store, as customers were not able to do a full grocery shop.

“Sure our customers could purchase exotic gourmet foods from far away lands, or local organic products,” said Kevin, “but our customers couldn’t buy their basics, so we moved some of the departments, installed freezers and large refrigerated cases.”

“Now we offer a larger range including an expansion of quality fresh fruit and vegetables at great prices.”

Whether you are a local living on the Gold Coast or a visitor to the region, be sure and head over to Ambarella Fine Foods, but I’d allow half an hour or so, just to wander through the 7 different departments and grocery aisles, you won’t be disappointed!


Ambarella Find Foods


Shop 12/1 Santa Maria Ct

Burleigh Waters

Queensland 4220

Contact Details:

W Ambarella Fine Foods

P 5520 0806

E [email protected]

Carve out some time grab a bite to eat and relax. Then explore gourmet foods from around the world, deli, bakery, juice bar, cafe, butchery and fruit and vegetables at Ambarella Fine Foods.

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