An Evening with Oprah Winfrey in Brisbane – A Night To Remember

An Evening With Oprah Winfrey in Brisbane, A Night To Remember

Oprah returned to Australia this week after a 5-year absence and came to my home city of Brisbane.

Not knowing what to expect as I drove to the venue, I wondered what the evening would hold. Would she be interviewing guests, showing clips from her 25 successful years of television or would someone interview Oprah?

Oprah’s show was none of the above, with not a couch in sight, she delivered her personal life journey intertwined with many inspiring messages and stories from her working life.

Threaded through the 2-hour show, was the unofficial theme for the night, happiness and joy.

Oprah encouraged 13,000 of us to know who we were, to consider why we are here and most importantly to pay attention to the inner voice, the feelings and intuition that commands our attention should we be quiet enough to notice them.

Her inner voice, feelings, and intuition have served her throughout her life and has brought her the blessed life that she lives today.

It was a feeling and intuition at 4 years old that had her realize she would have a different life to that of her Grandmother, who raised her for the most formative years.

Throughout her life, Oprah learnt to trust that feeling as it made frequent appearances helping guide her in the direction her life needed to take at that particular moment in time.

Oprah’s also openly shared how she overcame the “please disease” and that “no” can be a whole sentence! She spoke of how Stedman showed her she was kind and generous, however, she may have to rethink “nice”, something that Oprah was grappling with at the time.

She highlighted how she came to realise we all seek validation in life from others. Throughout interviews with a murderer (of his twins) Beyonce, and even senator Barack Obama (before he became President) after their interviews, all three asked, “Did I do ok?”

Some time later Oprah realized that we all want to be seen, be heard, understood and validated. She suggested we think back to our last argument we’d had with a loved one, or someone close to us and if we were honest with ourselves, wasn’t it those very things she’d mentioned that we were arguing for?

I agreed.

She also spoke of poverty, rape, molestation, teenage pregnancy and at the opposite end of the scale, joy, happiness, co-creation and intention.

Oprah learnt about the power of intention when The Oprah Show was going through some tough times. It was the introduction of having an intention for every show that really turned the show around, taking it to new heights of the number 1 daytime show, where, as we now know, remained for many years.

Today, Oprah doesn’t leave the house without an intention, that’s how important intention is in her life.

As is gratitude and meditation.

There were many messages through the show, here are a few;

“Be the truest expression of who you are.”

“Serve the energy of your soul.”

“Turn up the volume in your life.”

“You co-create your life based on your energy of intention.”

My takeaway from Oprah? Quiet my mind through meditation, listen more to (and trust) that inner voice, turn the volume up on my life, be thankful, and go live the life my soul yearns.

Did you spend an evening with Oprah, what were your takeaways from the evening?

* Photo credit Oprah Winfrey at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre. Pic: Marc Robertson, Newscorp

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