Balinese Cooking School, Seminyak, Bali

Balinese Cooking School, Seminyak, Bali

Most people you talk to who have attended a cooking school love the idea of it and the Balinese Cooking School at The Bali Breezes was no different. It’s the interaction, meeting new people, plus, let’s not forget cooking something new, especially from a different culture and yum…eating what you’ve cooked!

The Bali Breezes ticked all those boxes and more for us and it turned into somewhat of a private cooking class as we were the only students on the night!

Balinese Cooking School

The serendipity of this class was a beautiful thing. We’d spent a week in Jimbaran Bay prior and while sitting on the beach sipping cocktails, watching sunset one night, we talked about attending a cooking school “somewhere in Bali” but wasn’t sure where.

Fast forward a few days and checking into the Double-Six Hotel, Seminyak we were handed a fistful of vouchers and yep, you guessed it, one was for a cooking school right there in Seminyak! Love it when a (loose) plan comes together!!

We booked in for the dinner class so we could leave our days free, plus it also doubled as dinner as we could eat what we cooked!

We were met by chef and his assistant, both were extremely friendly, welcoming and involved us in all stages of cooking.

We were advised there would be 8 courses plus we would make 3 spice bases and sambals. All the ingredients were fresh local produce, pre-cut (thank goodness!), sliced and laid out on display beautifully.

Balinese Cooking School

Here’s the list of the dishes we cooked in our Bali cooking class

  • Base Genep – Balinese Yellow Spicy Paste
  • Base Barak – Balinese Red Spicy Paste
  • Sambal Matah – Balinese Chili and Lemongrass Sambal
  • Soto Ikan – Balinese Fish soup with Cucumber
  • Plecing Kangkung – Water Spinach in Red Balinese Spicy
  • Tum Be Pasih – Steam Fish in Banana Leaves
  • Be Sampi Base Genep _ Poached Beef in Balinese Herb and Coconut Milk
  • Sate Lilit Ayam – Chicken Satay in Lemon Grass
  • Be Siap Sambal Matah – Shredded Chicken in Balinese Sambal
  • Nasi Goreng Breezes – Balinese Fried Rice
  • Dadar Gulung – Plain Crepes Filled with Grated Sweet Coconut

Balinese Cooking School

It was a feast and sadly we couldn’t eat it all. Chef did suggest we could take it all with us, however, that’s not an option when your accommodation is in a hotel with no kitchen for re-heating. If we were staying in a Villa as we have done on our previous visits to Bali then we would!

Balinese Cooking School

Chef was mindful of our western palate and constantly asked if we liked spicy or hot (as in chilli hot food). We could have our food as hot or as mild as we liked, we asked for medium-hot which was enough as I think Balinese medium is our hot! Even so all the dishes were delicious with the only dish I couldn’t have due to my gluten intolerance was the crepes. Again chef was very mindful but as all the food was made from scratch it was really of little concern.

Have you attended a Balinese Cooking School, or a cooking class anywhere else on your travels, what was the theme and how did you like it?

The Breezes Bali, Balinese Cooking School, Seminyak, Bali

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