Best Places to Travel in December

Best Places to Travel in December

Last week one of our lovely community members over on Facebook asked me to recommend a “gorgeous place to go for Christmas” this year.

As the member is from the Northern Hemisphere, the United Kingdom to be exact she wants to escape the cold miserable winter (and who can blame her!!) for a few weeks of sunshine.

Best Places to Travel in December

You can see by my response South East Asia was my tip, however, I’m aware of travel time eating into precious holiday time so here are some suggestions for shorter distances from the U.K.

Typically you will be charged top dollar for your flights, accommodation and activities no matter where you travel in December and January as it peak time.

For many years, there was a myth that if you traveled to countries that didn’t observe Christmas and New Year’s celebrations it would be cheaper than in the western world. This is not true (and I’m not sure if it ever was!) and if you do a quick search to places like Indonesia, India, Thailand and Egypt you’ll soon learn that hoteliers know that it’s a peak time and charge accordingly.

Most people in the northern hemisphere want to visit somewhere hot in December. For me, the ‘hot’ criteria apply year round and is probably why I’ve never skied! ☺️

4 of the Best Places to Travel in December

Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Starting with the longest distance first, from the UK it takes approximately 10 hours to fly to Costa Rica and ranks a one of the best places to go in December.

There you’ll find unspoiled beaches, breathtaking landscapes and an abundance of unusual wildlife, think jaguars, toucans, and rare monkeys.

Activities include rainforests treks, zip-lining or surfing in the warm turquoise waters or simply relaxing on the powdery sands.

You won’t be disappointed with the friendliness of the locals either known as Ticos.

Language spoke – Spanish

Currency – Costa Rica Colón

Tipping – Not necessary in restaurants as gratuity is added unless you have stellar service

Las Vegas

Las Vegas in the daytime

There’s the hustle and bustle, heat that could melt an iceberg in an hour, wall to wall hotels and entertainment, over the top everything and then there’s Vegas!

If it’s thrills and spills and sensory overload you are seeking then Vegas could make your list as the best place to visit in December.

Las Vegas is considered one of the best places to travel in December as it has the lowest hotel rates.

Of course Vegas isn’t for everyone that likes to gamble and if that’s you then you can always take a chopper flight to the Grand Canyon (I highly recommend you do!) visit the shopping outlets, laze around the pool of your hotel, see one of the many shows or shop to your drop in one of the many hotel shopping arcades.

There is something for everyone in Vegas and considered one of the best places to travel in December!

Language spoke – American English

Currency – US Dollars

Tipping – absolutely necessary AND expected! Between 10-15%

Kochi, India

Kochi, India


Before you think India!!!?? Stay with me here…if you can stretch a flight out just a little more adding a further 2 hours then you could experience India’s interior.

Away from the better known and chaotic cities, the state of Kerala is best known for its backwaters to cruise down, jungle forests hosting wellness retreats and has recently been put on the world map thanks to the BBC and Rick Stein’s India series

If you are a foodie then Kochi is one of the best places to visit in December as it’s blissfully cooler then too when you are sampling those famous Kerala curries!

Language spoke – Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil but English is the most widely spoken

Currency – Indian Rupees

Tipping – Not necessary although many tourists do

Crete, Greece

Crete Greece

I don’t know if I’ve chosen this destination subconsciously as I’ve recently met a young woman who has recently returned from living in Crete for 15 years or not!

While choosing hot destinations in December to visit I couldn’t go past Crete, even though the daily temps may not reach 20C and dropping overnight to a chilly 10C.

The temperature is perfect if you love hiking or biking to see the islands beautiful mountainous landscapes. If not then head for the southern coast where it’s warmer.

Even the locals stay on the south coast at this time of year for the abundance of seaside restaurants and bars and of course the sea views.

If you love learning about history Crete is home to some of the earliest recorded civilized history in Europe. You’ll find plenty of historic sites to visit, century old churches and Minoan castles.

Language spoke – Cretin dialect in remote towns, but mainly Greek with English being widely understood.

Currency – Euro

Tipping – Not expected but greatly appreciated by waiters, tour guides, drivers, etc

Where have you traveled to in December that your could recommend? We’d love to add to our list of the best places to travel in December.

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