Brisbane Caravan and Camping Show Review

Brisbane Caravan and Camping Show Review


Have a think about that word.

Freedom conjures up the dreams of doing what you want to do when you want to do it.

For most freedom represents no boss, no job and the time to travel the world, answerable to no-one (except perhaps your spouse!).

Freedom. Something to be gained, no more shackles, no more daily grind, no more orders. That, together with the feeling of wellbeing, relaxation and happiness all rolled into one. That’s true freedom.

For most, that comes at the end of our working life. No alarms clocks to tell us when to get up in the morning. A walk around our neighbourhood followed by a leisurely breakfast and read of the morning paper.

The world slows down and a certain amount of control and choice returns to life.

It’s that feeling of freedom we love when the day arrives and our holiday begins.

While I love an adventure overseas or a few nights in luxury on Aussie soil, it’s camping where that true feeling freedom kicks in for me.

It’s our dream to pack up, buy a caravan and travel Australia. Until that day arrives we keep dreaming, visiting caravan and camping shows and refining what we want.

Caravan and Camping Show Brisbane

Brisbane Caravan and Camping ShowReview

Visiting a caravan and camping show happened recently for us with a trip to the 48th Brisbane Caravan and Camping Show, held at the Ekka Showgrounds.

I recall attending my first show over 15 years ago (when the camping bug re-bit me) to buy a tent. Our friends were looking for a camper trailer and were willing to spend up to $6000! We thought they were quite mad, $6K on a camper trailer!

As it turned out we spent triple that the following year when we revisited the Caravan and Camping Show!

Camper Trailer

We bought an offroad camper trailer and enjoyed camping at Landcruiser Mountain Park and Moreton Island. Real camping and getting away from it all where we had to take everything, including drinking and bathing water!

You’ll find everything you need for camping at the Brisbane Caravan and Camping Show. From a mighty fifth wheeler, a luxury caravan, to a container to carry your eggs and everything else in between!

Brisbane Camping Show

This year I noticed there seemed to be a large number of families attending compared to last year. From couples with 1 child in a stroller to Mum Dad and a couple of kids.

Apart from the incredible displays from companies selling caravans, tents, and everything else to do with camping. There was also an opportunity to

  • win a $70K caravan
  • check out 4wd vehicles
  • Attend a free seminar with an expert on a variety of topics
  • grab a bite to eat
  • free activities for kids
  • see cooking demonstrations
  • and much more!

Did you miss out on this years Brisbane Caravan Camping Touring Supershow or do you live interstate? Then check out the regional and interstate shows here. PLUS there’s another caravan and camping show in Brisbane in October too! So you haven’t really missed out this year!

Will you attend the next Caravan and Camping show in Brisbane, what’s on your shopping list?

Queensland Caravan, Camping & Touring Supershow

Queensland Caravan, Camping & Touring Supershow


When: Generally held in June (check website for exact dates)

Where: Brisbane Showgrounds

Time: The show runs for 6 days

Who for? Take the whole family, it’s a great day out!

Rating: 4.5 of 5

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