Casa del Mar Langkawi

Casa del Mar Langkawi sits on the beautiful Cenang beach, Pantai Cenang in the Malaysian archipelago.

Langkawi airport to Pantai Cenang is just a short 10-15 minute drive.

Casa del Mar’s name suggests a Mediterranean theme could run throughout the resort and while the outside of the buildings are painted in the familiar earthy tones associated with some homes throughout the Mediterranean, I found its name to be about the culture. The culture developed by the Resort Manager Fauzi, and his great team.

Casa (home) del (of the) Mar (sea) Langkawi welcomes you home, and that’s exactly how you feel when you step into the property through the beautiful timber doors. The friendly reception team are all smiles, welcoming with a cold towel and homemade lemongrass tea. The team are also ready to be of service to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

By comfortable I don’t mean boring, as we travellers want to experience the unfamiliar and adventure, right? Not the comfortable boredom on the shores of our homelands that we wave goodbye to when we set off on our next adventure. I mean familiar creature comforts that we love about home.

Like the decent size coffee mugs in your suite instead of a thimble-sized coffee cup and saucer, seriously who uses a cup and saucer in a hotel room? Plus the full-size wine and water glasses are just some of the inclusions for your Langkawi stay.

By familiar I also mean the team at Casa Del Mar Langkawi are familiar with their guest’s needs and wants, they’ve not only asked, they listened AND provided those creature comforts we all love.


The Rooms at Casa del Mar Langkawi

There are 34 rooms comprising:

Seaview Rooms you’ll find these 32 sqm rooms on the upper floors of the resort and all have sea views

Seaview Studio Suites overlook the private courtyard the pool and the beach and are around 42 sqm

Beachfront Studio Suites also have a private courtyard, sitting area and small line to hang wet clothes, however, this room has direct beach access

Seaview Junior Suites are also on the upper floors, have two balconies one containing a hammock to while away the hours reading or simply gazing at the sea

Seaview Deluxe Suite is 70 sqm’s of luxury with a separate lounge and seating area for that extra space

NOTE: ALL rooms and suites have a sea view, so no matter what your preference you’ll be guaranteed a view of the beach with the added bonus that there are no roads to cross as hotel Casa del Mar Langkawi sits right on Cenang beach in Pantai Cenang.

Beach front studio suite Casa del Mar Langkawi

We stayed in the Caramon Suite, a Beachfront Studio Suite. Our first impressions as we walked through the sliding doors was how much space we had, even with the large king size bed.

Beachfront suite room casa del mar langkawiWe had a sitting area with a table and chair opposite, a buffet area housing a bar fridge (with mini bar) jug for boiling water, a coffee making machine, tea and teapot, coffee and hot chocolate, the aforementioned impressive coffee mugs, wine and water glasses. Homemade cookies, peanuts in their shells, 4 bottles of complimentary spring water per day and a daily newspaper.

There was also a desk area with large mirror and a sound system and a flat screen mounted on the wall opposite the bed.

From this area, we could see through to the bathroom due to a large cutout the size of a large window with closable sliding shutters. The bathroom had double sinks, a full-size bath, a shower with a large rain showerhead and toilet.

Bathroom beachfront studio suite

The bathroom also housed the wardrobe, containing bathrobes made from the finest fabric, a torch, 2 large umbrella’s (that would actually protect you from getting wet) at least a dozen coat hangers that were removable from the rail should you need to hang your clothes elsewhere rather than the sparse few that some resorts have in their wardrobes that don’t have a proper hook. I also spied a set of scales, but totally avoided them, I didn’t need a reminder that I could be slightly heavier on my departure! However, the scales would come in handy to weigh your luggage if you’ve hit the shops for duty-free shopping in Langkawi.

Other evidence that the team at Casa del Mar Langkawi listens to guest feedback was the HUGE soft white fluffy bath-sheets. (Love!!!) Further evidence was the beautiful pottery pump containers of bath gel, shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash (NEVER seen this inclusion in all my travels) and moisturizer.

There was also eye make up remover pads, cotton buds, shower caps and dental kits.

All these inclusions suggested it was the best boutique hotel Langkawi. Impressive summed the room up for me.

The Guests at Casa del Mar Langkawi

Guests are couples and predominantly over 40, although there were a few younger couples enjoying the relaxing surrounds of the resort too.

The most surprising statistic a few of the team spoke about was the return rate of guests and that between January and February 75% of their guests had experienced Casa del Mar Langkawi at least once previously.

Stay 4 times and you become an exclusive member of the Fish Club and enjoy discounted room, dining and drink rates in exchange for your loyalty. The Day Spa manager, Rajeswary, who had been there since day one herself, mentioned that guests who were there on opening day are still returning annually.

The Fish ClubThe team must be doing something right!

The Team at Casa del Mar Langkawi

Fauzi Romli, Resort Manager is a friendly down to earth leader that is clearly liked by his team. Fauzi revealed he was posted to Casa del Mar Langkawi for only a short time, that was 9 years ago! Can’t say I blame him for wanting to work in such a beautiful location.

Fauzi Resort Manager

Fauzi’s team are as loyal as the guests. With most counting their amount of service in multiple years rather than weeks or months that seems common in the hospitality industry.

Everyone we encountered was happy with their job, happy to help and very proud they worked at the Casa del Mar Langkawi. It was in direct contrast to the apathy we witnessed in some of the stores at the Langkawi Cable Car, shopping centre’s and restaurants.

Things to do at Casa del Mar Langkawi

Spend your days relaxing by the pool or on the beach reading with a book selected from the in-house library, and don’t worry there are plenty of sunbeds around the beautiful pool area and beach so no early wake-ups to nab one for the day.

The team at Casa del Mar Langkawi will organize a Langkawi activities package or personalized tour of activities and sightseeing fully customizable to your length of stay and what you’d like to do and see.

We spent one of our mornings on a 4-hour tour of the Island and another on a 4 hour Jet Ski tour of 8 of the surrounding islands. I’d highly recommend both as the tours aren’t just limited to the activities as the guide ’s imparted so much of their knowledge of the surrounding area, Langkawi Island, the history and legends. We thoroughly enjoyed both days. You can read more about it here in our Langkawi edition of Eat Stay Play.

Dining at Casa del Mar Langkawi

There are two dining areas, one on a covered deck and the other extending beyond the deck in the area encompassing the beach bar. We ate all our meal in the beach bar area. Both areas have views of the beach and gentle cool breezes due to the fans above.

We ate breakfast, lunch and dinner at hotel Casa Del Mar Langkawi and found all meals freshly cooked, plentiful, of a very high standard and are great value for money.

Breakfast was a combination of choosing from the menu and a selection of hot Asian dishes, cold meats and cheeses and a variety of homemade bread, pastries and condiments.

Breakfast Pastries

The Australian lamb was a popular favourite with most guests and certainly one of ours too. Beautifully cooked, moist and tender, just how lamb should be served.

Dinner at Casa del Mar LangkawiBeing a broccoli fiend (I eat it every day at home) I was surprised to see it on my plate a couple of times as it’s a rarity in Asia in my previous experience. And don’t be concerned if you have any food allergies the chefs and kitchen team looked after my gluten intolerance and the menu clearly states the dishes suitable for your allergy.

Day Spa at Casa del Mar Langkawi

After 4 hours on a jet ski and a quick lunch, we had a massage in the Day Spa. The spa has recently been renovated by the spa’s manager, Rajeswary, and she’s done an excellent job maintaining a soothing atmosphere, clean lines and couples treatment rooms.

We were seated then our therapists Mai and Sheila washed our feet in warm water with orange oil and finely chopped orange rinds, a nice point of difference to the traditional flowers in other parts of Asia.

satkara Spa LangkawiAn hour was dedicated to the massage, not an hour from the start of the consultation and foot bath. The massage was very relaxing with long soothing strokes and gentle kneading in those spots that required a little more attention.

Quality aromatherapy massage oils were used and soft peaceful music playing somewhere in the background. It was quite possible we both drifted off to sleep during our massages.

Satkara Spa LangkawiAll too soon the massage, like our holiday, came to an end. We thoroughly enjoy our time at Casa del Mar Langkawi and feel it was the best place to stay in Langkawi due to the resort itself and it’s location. We would certainly recommend a stay there as an alternative to travelling to Bali and other Asian island resorts as it’s just a short 1-hour plane trip from Kuala Lumpur.

If you are looking for the best hotel to stay in Langkawi, or where to stay in Langkawi then the Casa del Mar Langkawi is our recommended to be the best of the Langkawi beach hotels.

Note: We were guests at Casa del Mar Langkawi, however, our thoughts and opinions are our own.


Casa del Mar Langkawi: A Home By The Sea


Jalan Pantai Cenang, Mukim Kedawang, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia


All rooms at Casa del Mar Langkawi have an ocean view and have been recently renovated just a couple of years ago

Rating: 5 of 5


The inclusions and attention to detail are outstanding. See above for details.


A large variety of dishes are available at Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. The food is of an excellent high standard and great value for money.

Rating: 5 of 5

Casa del Mar Team

The team are outstanding turning the 4 star rating of the hotel into 5 stars!

Rating: 5 of 5

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