Trip Report – 4 Days in Hong Kong – Kowloon Day 2 – Part 2

Kowloon Hong Kong

If you haven’t read Kowloon Part 1 where we ate Dim Sum, you can read it here. Feeling pleasantly satisfied with full tummies we were ready to explore Kowloon. Stepping out onto the street, looking like real tourists, we pulled out our Hop-on-and-off map to look for a stop to catch the Kowloon bus. No sooner had we opened our …


Trip Report – 4 Days In Hong Kong – Day 2 – Dim Sum – Part 1

Dim sun in Hong Kong

This is the day we ate Dim Sum in Hong Kong for the first time. It is Day 2 of 4 days in Hong Kong you can read about our 1st day in Hong Kong here. We woke early for Hong time as our internal time clocks were still set to Brisbane. It gave us the opportunity to see both …


Trip Report – 4 Days in Hong Kong – Day 1

Hong Kong Harbour

Trip Report – 4 Days in Hong Kong – Day 1 This Hong Kong trip was a very special one, my eldest son was to be married on the island of Koh Samui in Thailand! As a side trip, we decided to fly to Hong Kong, soak up the atmosphere of this busy city and stay a few days rather …