Double-Six Hotel, Seminyak, Bali

Double-Six Hotel, Seminyak, Bali

When Double-Six was only a few months old we spied a voucher from a “deals” type of website. It was such great value we bought it on the spot (this was our pre travel-club days!) and pretty much forgot about it after we booked and our travel day arrived.

Even then I didn’t know to what extent there were “offers” and “vouchers” and what was included, here’s what we experienced for 2 people

  • 8 nights in an upgraded sea view room
  • Daily breakfast
  • Dinner at Gado Dado (other property in the group)
  • Dinner at Italian Seminyak
  • Breakfast at Ku De Ta (other property in the group)
  • 8-course cooking class at Bali Breeze Hotel (other property in the group)
  • 2 treatments at the Acqua Pearla Spa

All for $999, great value!

We only stayed in our 2nd floor room 24 hours due to a “smell” that just wouldn’t go away. The staff couldn’t tell us exactly why, however, they suspected it had something to do with the air conditioning. It did make sense as the it smelt like something was burnt out or burning out.

After much toing-and-froing and waiting, we finally checked into our “new” room on the 5th floor, the top floor. It was pretty much the same layout, a little larger and a better view of the ocean and most importantly we could see the sunset from this room!


Double-Six Hotel, Seminyak, Bali


Once a famous landmark nightclub, Double-Six Hotel, Seminyak, Bali sits across from Seminyak beach renown for its spectacular sunsets.

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The rooms at double-six are equal to the accommodation I’ve stayed in before in other parts of the world, plus a little bit more. Large rooms and an equally large bathroom Double-Six is a class above other 5 star hotels.

Quality fixtures and fittings, super comfortable king-sized beds and pillows, plus a lounge area to relax plus a balcony over-looking the stunning sunsets, if you are fortunate to be on the ocean side of the hotel.

Rating: 5 of 5


The hotel, room and recreational amenities at Double-Six were outstanding. Rather than me list them all, you can check them out here. Designed to keep guests on the property, if you didn’t want to venture out of the hotel then you could quite happily stay within its confines. But where’s the fun in that?

Everything was there, restaurants, gym, Acqua Perla Spa (oh and what a spa!), rooftop bar with gob-smacking views, huge pool area and pool bar and sun lounges available beach-side, fully attended by staff. Oh and did I mention the 24 hr butler service?

A big bonus for guests with a late night flight was the use of the air-conditioned Owners Lounge. Sitting areas, bathrooms, light snacks and free drinks were all provided and used from 12pm-12 midnight, a thoughtful touch to escape the heat and freshen up before our flight.


Breakfasts were a superb affair with full table service. Fresh juices, fruit both hot and cold, cold breakfasts, cooked breakfasts, vegetarian breakfasts, various tea’s and coffee any way you like it, if you could think of a breakfast combination I’m sure it was on the menu!

Our daily favorite was the sugar bananas they were h-e-a-v-e-n-l-y, dipped in a little sugar, grilled and served with vanilla ricotta cheese. My mouth waters every time I think of them!

We were asked every day would we like something else? After 3 courses, our answer was always no thanks!!

Breakfast, as were lunch and dinner, were held in Seminyak Italian Restaurant and I can’t help thinking the name doubled as an essential keyword for online marketing purposes! When the prime outside tables filled up then there was always inside or downstairs adjoining the foyer area.

We ate dinner one night as part of our “deal” purchased. A set menu and nothing terribly exciting with the first course a little bland for our liking.

I celebrated my Birthday at Double-Six and came back to our room after a day of rafting to find a little dessert wishing me a Happy Birthday, how thoughtful!

I did consider dining for my Birthday dinner at The Plantation Grill, however, the decor, ambience and twenties-style prohibition theme put me off! We were in Bali after all overlooking one of the most stunning views unfortunately obscured by the window frames!

Plus, when booking we were advised that “they’d do their best to accommodate our wishes for a table with a view.” (as it was with many requests in the hotle) Upon our instance, they relented, however, their attitude of trying to project scarcity and exclusivity was a complete turn off for us!

Rating: 4 of 5


As a professional trainer, having trained many staff I was beyond impressed with the attentiveness and service received from ALL members staff at Double Six. All were attentive and no request too much for them to oblige. Many establishments in the hospitality industry and other industries, could easily take a lesson or two from the way Double Six is run and their staff and how they conduct themselves both with their guests and their teams.

Here’s the butler who welcomed us to the hotel after our “in-room” check-in. He also showed us the utilities, how to operate the sound system, etc, and who to call should we require anything during our stay.


Rating: 5 of 5


Double-Six at Seminyak was an enjoyable experience for us. This was due to the efficiency of the staff and their excellent service all the amenities.

The only real gripes we had were not receiving a wake-up call one morning for a white-water rafting adventure, which didn’t cause any delays as I was awake before the call was due and the time it took to sort our initial room problem, this was purely due to the occupancy rates and the busyness of the hotel.

Some people would gripe about the noise levels from the sister property Cocoon Beach Club next door, think LOUD nightclub levels and the bands from the little restaurants and bars dotted along the beach. Neither bothered us in the slightest as our room didn’t overlook the Beach Club and the beach noise finished around 11 pm.

I’d highly recommend a stay at Double-Six, Seminyak!

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