Eating Healthy While Traveling

Eating Healthy While Traveling

You’ve prepared for your trip, you are in tip top shape and you may have even lost a few pounds or kilograms leading up to your vacation. You don’t mind a few cheat meals here and there and don’t mind letting your hair down while away either, however, you prefer to eat healthy while you are on the road, so what do you do if you don’t have access to a kitchen?

If you are staying in a hotel with breakfast included or even a resort with full board, it’s tempting to go completely overboard if you don’t practice a little restraint along the way. The selection of foods are mind boggling and if you’re not careful your plate is piled high before you know it!

Bear in mind that it’s the chefs job to make the food taste great and look appetising too. Butter, oil and salt are added in larger amounts than you would use in your own kitchen, so beware of those hidden calories just waiting to jump straight onto your hips at a moments notice!

When I’m on the road, I find eating healthy while traveling isn’t a problem and needn’t be a challenge for you either, if you prepare beforehand. I’ve found planning ahead is the key especially since I’ve been gluten-free for nearly 6 years. It’s the snacks that I mainly concentrate upon, plus the food for short flights and possible airport delays. We all know what airport food is like, although I must say, I’ve seen a few juice and salad bars in my travels recently, so there are healthy options in airports if you look.

These are a few snacks I have on hand when I travel

Boiled Eggs – naturally these are consumed on the first day 🙂

Fresh fruit – blueberries, apples and strawberries work well

Almonds or other raw nuts of your choice

Dried fruit

Trail mix

Protein Powder for smoothies

Protein Bars

Sushi – to eat on the way

Herbal Teabags – peppermint or ginger, these flavors are great for an upset tummy or travel sickness

Homemade Hummus and veggies (carrots, celery, mushrooms, etc)

Homemade Chocolate – this recipe is quick, easy and SO delicious!

Empty water bottle – have the flight attendant fill it up when you are first onboard if you are flying as they can take a while to bring around the drinks trolley.

Once I reach my destination I eat as I do at home for breakfast and lunch, something simple, light and have a few splurges along the way at dinner. Limit yourself otherwise you might find all that hard work you put in before you travel will all be in vain!

If you have an food allergies be sure and let the restaurant know when you book, if I’m not booking the restaurant then I’ll inform them when I arrive. I find they either bring me a menu that is totally gluten-free, point out which dishes are suitable or most chefs are flexible enough to turn their dishes into gluten-free.

*Tip – Throughout Asia peanut oil is often used in cooking which isn’t good for people with nut allergies.

I’ve found it to be very easy traveling with an allergy if I just stick with fresh, healthy foods, such as salads with no dressing, various protein (chicken & fish) and vegetables, which is how I eat at home anyway.

Just as a side note if you are concerned about traveling with an allergy, there are cards you can carry with the message translated into the language where you are visiting to prevent an emergencies. Have a look at Select Wisely here and determine if you need a translation card.

Your accommodation can determine how much you eat out and how healthy your food choices are. Most people I know have tried an apartment or a villa as an alternative to a hotel or resort. You’ll have access to a kitchen and no doubt a supermarket nearby, or local markets which is even better and are a lot of fun to visit too. Of course I’m not saying you have to be in the kitchen preparing food for 3 meals per day, however, it does come in very handy for quick snacks, if you are traveling with kids or want to prepare a beautiful cheese platter and enjoy a glass of bubbles or two.

Staying in a home away from home almost guarantee’s eating healthy while traveling!

How do you go when you travel, do you let your hair down and deal with any excess lbs and kgs when you arrive home or are you fairly diligent and eat healthy when you are away on a trip?

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