31 Day Travel Budget Challenge


Want To Travel More Often?

The 31 Day Travel Budget Challenge is designed with you in mind, to help you travel more often, several times a year. It’s time to stop dreaming and start seeing! Let me show you how you can book more of those dream vacations that you know you deserve!

Studies say that we all love to travel, but the hardcore fact is that very few of us do. The reasons that we give are not enough money or time. What if I showed you how to use the time that you have and the money already in your bank, to get you to the some of the destinations you dream of?

If you’ve been reading travel blogs and the writer has been on the road for years, a single guy or gal with couples or friends, what you’ve seen is that typically they are on the road and loving it.

Or maybe you’ve seen people traveling every year for a vacation, or just a weekend to get away, have you ever asked yourself how they do it?

The main reason people ACTUALLY get to travel and take the vacations they want is that;

  1. They were highly motivated
  2. They planned well
  3. Or the #1 reason, they budgeted for the trip

Now I can hear you groaning…budgeting! I don’t have a weekly budget, so where is this going to come from?

Are you looking to go away 3 weekends this year, or for a couple of vacations? Let’s look at this realistically. I’ll walk you through in my free report, what it would actually take for you to plan that now and would only cost you a couple of hundred dollars each month to get there.


tick2 Reduce Costs

tick2 Save Money

tick2 Create a Budget


Here’s a sneak peek at the first 6 days…

tick2Day One – Today’s the plan. I’ll show you how to put a simple plan together to have you visiting your favorite destination for the length of time you want!

tick2Day Two – Is your Budget Day, I’m going to show you how to use money you already have, that’s not only going to pay for food, accommodation and traveling, you might even have some money left over, believe it or not, you’ll be shocked!

tick2Day Three – Forget a dream board you and I are going to create a reality board! This is a board that we are actually going to live out, not just dream of!

tick2Day Four – Reduce Your Bills. Wouldn’t be amazing if you could actually plan and reduce the bills that you already have? I’ve got some tips that you could use every single month that will blow you away!

tick2Day Five – Reduce Bank and Interest Fees. How you can actually pay cash for every trip you do. Plus how you can consolidate some of your bank accounts to help you save ten’s of thousands of dollars in fees that you don’t have to be spending!

tick2Day Six – Reduce Your Accommodation. How to lower your current monthly expenses so you can travel on what you already earn.

LIMITED TIME OFFER – IT’S FREE – No strings attached!

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31 Day Travel Budget Challenge

How to Find Money for Travel
Travel Sooner, More Often and Longer

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