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Dear Travel Lover, Explorer, Adventurer, Ex-Pat, Holiday Maker, Vacationer, and anyone that wants to learn some insider packing tips and secrets.

I was so excited, the time to venture on my dream trip had arrived. I’d bought the best suitcase I could afford, a Samsonite hard shell on wheels. I’d packed and re-packed and was set for my adventure of a lifetime and cross off many cities and towns of my bucket list!

The trip was fantastic exploring Madrid for 4 days, then an overnight train to wake up in Paris. Paris! Then a fast train to Florence, a road trip for 5 days touring Tuscany. Tuscany! Then onto the Italian Riviera, Cinque Terre for a further 5 days. Plus I had a week in Rome and a week in Positano to come on the Amalfi Coast!

Me Positano

It was about this time I realize what a HUGE mistake I’d made purchasing a hard-shell large suitcase. After battling narrow isles and on trains, climbing the stairs to our three story apartments (with no elevators!) and cobblestones in Florence and a narrow staircase in Monterosso, I just couldn’t go on!

My suitcase was SO HEAVY and cumbersome and I’d shopped along the way too, hello, there was a SHOE SALE in Florence!!! So I had to make a decision, either ditch some clothes or send some home.

Off to the post office I went, spending the equivalent of a beautiful dinner AND a bottle of wine at a fine dining restaurant, just to send 5kgs (11lbs) of clothes home! THAT was costly!

Lesson learned!

Since then, I’ve become a much savvier traveler and I pack light. On a recent vacation, I was actually 5ks (11lbs) UNDER the checked luggage allowance, both TO and FROM our destination! Unheard of!

I realize packing light isn’t for everyone, but consider the additional costs of checked luggage that airlines have placed upon travelers in recent times, it pays to travel as light as you possibly can, so you have more to spend when you reach your vacation destination AND you don’t have to drag it around with you. (Seriously, DON’T do that if you are going to EUROPE!!!)

Plus, there’s the standing in long queues to check-in, only to learn you have to re-pack your bag, leave something behind or have to pay excess luggage charges. That is the worst possible scenario at ANY time during your relaxing vacation!

You might even miss a flight! (I’ve actually seen this happen!)

Let me help you choose the right suitcase, pack your suitcase so you will have peace of mind, breeze past the queue’s at the baggage carousel, start your vacation before everyone else, stop worrying about your stuff and concentrate on the joys of seeing new places and meeting new people!

Lots of people getting luggage at airport.

Something for Everyone!

No matter if you are advanced or beginner, traveling light with a carry-on, or for a family vacation with your family, there is something for everyone. Even if you pick up just one or two tips, this simple short video series could save you hundreds of $$$’s in less than 20 minutes!

This video series is for you and will help you keep it simple, here’s what we’ll cover:

  1. Which luggage to choose and why (It won’t be what you think!)
  2. Essential toiletries to pack without taking your whole beauty case
  3. How to pack your toiletries
  4. How to pack your suitcase like a pro and maximize space without wrinkling all of your clothes and being overweight
  5. PLUS, MANY MORE insider packing tips and secrets

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