Go Travel Products Review

Go Travel Products

Go Travel Products Review

Go Travel Products are the most widely distributed travel products in the world. Started 30 years ago, the Go Travel company still remains a family business in the United Kingdom. The 300 products in the range, all designed in-house, they are available extensively in retail outlets around the world and online from sites such as Amazon.

Recently my Sister-in-Law, Louie, contacted me about a product that impressed her…a lot, from the Go Travel range and asked if I would write a review.

I contacted Go Travel to inquire about the product and they offered to send me the product to review along with two other products.

The following is my independent review of the Go Travel Products, Travel Foot Rest, Foam Memory Pillow and Luggage Scale.

Go Travel Product Review


Go Travel

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Inflatable Foot Rest, Memory Foam Travel Pillow & Luggage Scale


Go Travel Foot Rest

Foot Rest

Go Travel Foot Rest

Recently my Sister-in-Law, Louie, traveled to Hong Kong with her sister who traveled with the Inflatable Foot Rest from Go Travel Products. It had such good raps Louie bought one for the return flight! So excited by this simple travel product she contacted me to see if I could review it.

Naturally I asked Louie what made the foot rest so good, cause I’m thinking, it’s just a foot rest, right? How wrong was I to think that! Apparently it helps you to sleep too!

Now she had my FULL attention!

When you place your feet on the foot rest, it automatically holds your body back in your seat, allowing a much more comfortable sitting position. Plus, it keeps your feet off the floor, away from any drafts and keeps your feet warm!

Louie swears it’s the first time she’s ever slept for 6 hours on a flight!

As a non-sleeper on long hauls, I’m now looking forward to my next flight, only a short stint to Bali for 6 hours and then another one to the U.S. it will be a pleasure travel economy. Ok, I MIGHT have got carried away a little with the end of the last sentence!

Memory Foam Travel Pillow

Memory Foam Pillow

Go Travel Memory Foam Pillow

This travel pillow is made from a high density foam which is often recommended by Chiropractors and Osteopaths. The back of the pillow is flat, so it can cradle your head in a natural position.

If that doesn’t suit, you can always mould it to the contours of your head or neck. Although it’s super-soft, it always springs back to it’s original shape.

The pillow has a tab on the side so you can hook it to a bag or backpack and has a removable cover for washing.

This will definitely make it alongside in my foot rest, for my next flights!

Luggage Scale

Go Travel Luggage Scale

Go Travel Luggage Scale

Ever paid excess baggage fees?

I’ve NEVER paid any despite having traveled on many flights with over-weight baggage on several airlines, Shhhhhh!

I do however, now travel much lighter (really I do!) and show you how you can too, here in my free video series.

That said, I HAVE recently been pulled up by a flight attendant (thanks Sir Richard!) and cautioned about my carry-on suitcase being too heavy, (I had my laptop in it too) getting away with a rap on the knuckles and sent on my way.

I’ve also traveled with people who have had to pay for their excess weight, their luggage, I mean, not them! And a girlfriend had a recent run-in with a Jet Star flight attendant who confiscated her carry-on luggage and sent it on the next day, as she was 2 kg’s (4.4lbs) overweight!

With the Go Travel Luggage Scale, this doesn’t have to be you, fighting with the flight attendant at the airport gate after a week long business trip or short stay interstate and then inconvenienced by having to drive out to the airport the following day!

This luggage scale has a digital accuracy up to 44kg’s (88lbs) not that YOUR luggage would be THAT heavy, right? Plus, an unheard of (well i’ve never seen it) battery included in the pack! It has a tough lifting strap, LCD display screen, small enough to pack so you can weigh your return luggage and fits in the palm of your hand.

What’s your most-used travel gadget that you wouldn’t leave home without?

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