How To Buy A Bag You’ll Love That Makes TSA Happy, Lasts A Long Time & Can Hold Everything You Want To Pack!

How To Buy A Bag You’ll Love That Makes TSA Happy,

Lasts A Long Time & Can Hold Everything You Want To Pack!

You’ve made it through immigration and now you’re standing arm-to-arm in the airport terminal watching the line of suitcases moving around on the conveyer belt.

Your eyes run over each bag searching for yours as you wait anxiously to see if whether made the journey or if it’s dented or torn with your underwear hanging out for all to see!

It’s no secret that checked luggage takes a beating, Ramp agent’s call it “throwing bags” for a reason because that’s exactly what they do!

Time is money and the only time a plane makes money is in the air, that’s why the turn around times are so quick and luggage has to be loaded at lightening speeds.

You can forget the fragile stickers too. With ramp agents under the pump to get the luggage on the plane they often go completely unnoticed!

Parts on luggage get broken, handles crack, wheels fall off and anything with liquid inside can end up over your favorite outfit or worse, over everything in your bag!

You can also forget about making a claim for damages too, as airlines won’t cover common damages such as handles, wheels and straps getting broken as they know they break often and they’d be paying thousands, if not millions of dollars out every month!

You’ll want to do some research before you buy the perfect bag, but where do you start?

How To buy a bag the TSA Loves

With so many different shapes, sizes, colors, and brands available it’s overwhelming, confusing and the choices never ending!

There are some vital components that you need to know BEFORE buying the perfect bag for your needs. You don’t want to get stuck with a bag that doesn’t work for you just the way you want it. You want a bag that’s lightweight but durable and will last you several years and save you what you paid for it in overweight baggage fees.

All The Research Has Been Done For You!

That’s where I come in. I’ve been traveling since I was 8 years old, lived in 4 different countries and traveled to many others. I’ve traveled with large bags, carry-on bags, anti-theft bags, with dive gear, on vacations, to masterminds, business trips, and conferences. I’ve traveled with parents, as a parent, with babies, with toddlers, as a couple, in a group, with a girlfriend and even solo. After over 30 years of travel, I’ve narrowed the best bag down with the must-have inclusions and features.

I’ll show you how to take all the guess work out of it, buy a bag you’ll love, keep TSA happy, have a hassle-free trip AND avoid overweight luggage fees!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Tick CashmereWho controls bag sizing and why that matters to you.

Tick CashmereBest Carry-On bag size that won’t leave you standing red-faced in the airplane aisle.

Tick CashmereBest Large Bag Size for Stowed Luggage

Tick CashmereThe Best Handles

Tick CashmereThe best Outer Shell

Tick CashmereThe Best Seams

Tick CashmereRoller vs. Spinner Wheels

Tick CashmereHard Shell vs. Soft Shell

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