How To Wear A Cashmere Travel Wrap

How To Wear A Cashmere Travel Wrap

A cashmere travel wrap wasn’t on my shopping list when I took a vacation last year, however, when I spied some sweaters hanging outside a store, I was intrigued, especially as I was in a beach-side district of Hong Kong!

The assistant explained that the cashmere wool came from goats especially “grown” in Inner Mongolia, the wool was washed, dried and dyed with various colors and dried again. It was then knitted on special machines to their specifications.

Entering the store, I noticed a piece of cashmere with buttons and buttonholes display in various ways on mannequins. As I don’t wear black (it looks dreadful on me!) I sought out a navy piece, to try on.

I couldn’t resist the versatility as it could be worn several different ways, so it wasn’t just a travel wrap! I could wear it with jeans, as a poncho, or even over a skirt with tights and boots. A cardigan, a shrug or bolero, the ways to wear only limited by my imagination.

Fast forward 5 months…

Standing in my hotel room in Chicago, half dressed and realising if I didn’t find a fix to a MAJOR WARDROBE FAILURE (I know 1st World problem, right?) soon, I’d look like a complete dork at dinner with a long sleeve T-Shirt with Addidas blazoned across my chest!

I’d packed light with only a carry-on and had every outfit planned to wear to a Mastermind conference including dinners (or so I thought!). But I made a huge mistake (I blame the jetlag!) and wore the wrong top to the wrong function and the ONLY top I had clean that was left was that T-Shirt!

Next minute I was punching the air feeling like I’d had a HUGE win, gone was the embarrassment of having to turn up to a dinner unsuitably dressed, I’d spied my travel wrap!

I quickly buttoned it, turning the plain rectangle of cashmere, into a stylish poncho, whew, that was close!!!

What could have been an embarrassing moment turned into my mentor, Sandi Krakowski, noticing my poncho at dinner that night and the following day at our Mastermind suggesting that perhaps I should bring that to you, my reader, as it was so beautiful and versatile? My colleagues agreed and the hunt for the best quality cashmere at the best price was born!

I’ve had many samples from various supplies and discarded all until I found the one that fitted my criteria exactly, it had to be 100% cashmere, the real deal, with no compromise on quality AND for the best price.

Since then I’ve used my cashmere many times as I always have in on hand stashed away in my handbag. Apart from using it in airports and on planes, I’ve used it in restaurants when the air conditioning is too cold, days when the sun is playing hide and seek or as an extra layer with a cami or T-Shirt as it’s as soft as a kitten, with none of that scratchiness you get from wool!

There are 5 basic ways to wear your cashmere wrap and I’m sure you could come up with many more ideas too and if you do, I’d love to hear about them!

How to Wear A Cashmere Travel Wrap

1. Cashmere Travel Wrap

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Simply drape the cashmere over your shoulders and hold over your arms

2. Cashmere Poncho

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Lay your cashmere in a rectangle then button opposite ends of buttons and buttonhole together which then form a triangle, place over your head and arrange on your shoulders with the buttons on top running down your arm.

3. Cashmere Cardigan

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Slide the cashmere around and arrange until the buttons are sitting in the centre at the front. Or alternatively, turn the buttons to the centre back for a squared-off look at the hem and a soft cowl at the neck. The cashmere falling over your arms.

4. Cashmere Shrug and/or Bolero

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Lay your cashmere in a rectangle then button corresponding buttons and buttonholes together. Slide your arms in and arrange over your shoulders. For a shrug, unbutton most buttons leaving the last couple near your wrists buttoned. Arrange over your shoulders with the back draping down over your lower back area.

5. Cashmere Scarf

Fold, arrange your cashmere in your favorite scarf. Excellent for extra warmth on those cold winter days!

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Have you found different ways to wear your cashmere? Don’t have one yet? You are in for a real treat, check out the new season colors right here!

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