How Will You Get There? – Your Transport Checklist

How Will You Get There? – Your Transport Checklist

You’ve spent month planning and your excitement’s building, that long-awaited trip is just around the corner. You know where you are staying, have a fair idea what’s going in your suitcase but have you given any thought to transport?

After so much anticipation, it would a shame to spoil the start of your trip without giving some thought to your transport arrangements so I’ve compiled a checklist for you.

Departures and Arrivals

Sometimes you might grab a lift with a friend, however if you are a family then that might not be possible. If so great, if not there are several options.

You could use public transport if you aren’t in a hurry, buses and trains can be a cheap option but do check before you go. On recent interstate trips, we found it cheaper to drive to an airport parking station, leave the car undercover and grab their free shuttle to and from the airport. It was less than the airport train, quicker and much more pleasant too as it was raining.

If your traveling with a group consider a limousine as this could be a great option, reducing everyone’s cost or simply arriving in style.

Taxi’s are an option, however since Uber’s appearance to my city last year we haven’t used a taxi since. We find the drivers very courteous and the fare cheaper by around 25%. If you haven’t used Uber before use this link and claim your free ride up to $25.

Road Trip

If your trip begins in a car or the whole trip is by road then be sure to have a complete mechanical check done before you go. Remember to include your tyres, quite often these are overlooked, check the tread and pressure before you set off, the peace of mind is worth it.

Airfares, Airlines and Cruises

Your airline choice will be directly related to your airfares. With a tiered approach, many budget airlines have entered the market in recent years. Remember you will always get what you pay for, so that cheap seat might be eaten up in other costs such as stowing luggage and food and drink costs once on-board.

Carefully cost out and compare all costs associated with traveling to your destination, especially those sneaky hidden ones such as taxes, fees and booking your favourite seat, it all adds up!

Cruises generally have an all-in cost but do check thoroughly before you book…just in case!

Getting Around

Once on the ground how will you travel to your accommodation? Shuttles buses, taxi’s, Uber and public transport are all options. Do some research and don’t be caught out as we were when we landed in Koh Samui. We were literally hijacked the moment we collected our luggage and paid many times more than walking through the doors and out to waiting taxi’s! Even seasoned travellers are caught out occasionally!

What about sightseeing? How do you plan to see the new town or city you are visiting?

I love booking a couple of days on one of the big red double decker buses to orientate myself and to see where I’d like to spend my time and what I want to see.

I’ve used them in San Francisco, Florence, Rome, Paris and Hong Kong and loved the idea of hopping on and off and the narrative as I travelled around the cities learning about the history as I went along.

If you are visiting Asia then you may be brave enough to hire a motorbike and drive yourself, along with millions of other people on the roads! Check your insurance though as many companies won’t insure you if you have an accident on a bike.

Your Transport Checklist

In Bali, you’ll have to keep a few notes handy for the friendly traffic cops who love stopping tourists and checking licenses, etc. They always find something that’s not right so they have to “fine” you. Always keep around $20 separate to your other money as if they see more they won’t mind relieving you of it all! 😉

Also in Asia, private drivers with air conditioned 4wd’s or van’s are plentiful with a full day tour (your itinerary or theirs) costing around $50. Well worth it for some comfort, especially if you are traveling fair distances.

Another option is to hire your own car, which we found a cheap alternative on Koh Samui, plus we could stop and start as we pleased giving us more freedom.

Transport is often left to the last minute, but I’d urge you to include it in your travel plans for a carefree start to your trip. Do you have any travel transport tips you can add to my Transport checklist?

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