Insider Travel Tips – How To Snag The Best Hotel Room

Insider Travel Tips – How To Snag The Best Hotel Room

You read about it all the time on Social Media, a friend goes on a business trip or a vacation and they snag one of the best rooms in the hotel! How do they do that?

We’ve been fortunate to be the recipients on several occasions of an upgrade some because we’ve asked specifically and some because there has been a problem with the room that couldn’t be fixed. There are no guarantee’s, however, there are a few strategies you can put in place that will give you a better chance! If you don’t ask you certainly won’t get and the person who does ask will jump the queue.

5 Tips To A Room Upgrade

How To Sang The Best Hotel Room

Loyalty Program

Most hotels have a loyalty program, especially chain hotels with hundreds of rooms available across the globe. This may entitle you to extras within the hotel such as I experience at the Kimpton Hotel in Chicago. There may be several discounts within the hotel or with sister properties within the same vicinity.

Make A Connection

Before you go to the hotel’s website and find the email address, you’ll locate it under the “contact us” tab. You can email them and ask for a specific room, a high floor or that the room is away from the noisy elevators or ice machine.

Use Social Media

If you have a twitter account you can tweet them saying how excited you are to be leaving and traveling in a few days and can’t wait to stay at the hotel. Then a few more tweets when you are packing, at the airport, etc.

When our flight was cancelled and we were delayed I tweeted the hotel and let them know we’d be late! They then rescheduled our driver so there was still someone there to pick us up from the airport.

You can also use Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform, however, I’ve found twitter to be more responsive.

Read Reviews

Read reviews on the property’s own site together with large wholesale sites, but BEWARE there many bogus reviews as I describe here, even on the well know Trip Advisor. Look for independent reviews from travel bloggers as they will always have a fair and accurate account of a room and amenities rather than an inflated view of a bogus reviewer!

Reviews can also show you images of the aspect of the hotel from photograph’s if it’s located above a noisy night club or busy road or a specific room number with a beautiful view.

Know This Before You Ask

Determine what you need. Are you on a relaxing vacation or holiday and will make use of the balcony area? Or are you on a sightseeing trip and only need a place to shower and lay your head down for the night? So before you ask, know what it is that you want, a quieter room, a room on a higher floor to take in the view or a room that fit’s your specific needs and is convenient for you.

Are You A Returning Guest?

Do let them know, they love making a fuss over a loyal guest. Contact them via email before you travel and let them know you are returning and if you have a favorite room, know of a room you’d like to stay in this visit, request it in your email. They will be accommodating if they can for a returning guest.

Have you snagged the best room in the house or been upgraded? Leave a note in the comments and you’ll also help other’s in our community!

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