Is Self-Care The New Business Currency?

Is Self-Care The New Business Currency?

In case you haven’t read this post, I started a podcast late last year with my friend Mel Kettle.

The podcast itself was born from two friends getting together out of necessity. We both work from home and thought if we met each week we could hold ourselves accountable to check things off our lists and get stuff done.

It was a simple concept, we meet in person or via Skype to review our past week and plan for the week ahead. What had we achieved, what we hadn’t and why not is always discussed.

It isn’t a coaching session as we have both have enough experience in our careers, businesses, and life to understand the necessity of being accountable to ourselves and responsible for our action or in-actions! It is purely to ramp up our productivity and get stuff done!

How Our Podcast Was Born

Fast forward 6 months, the podcasting subject arose again just prior to both of us attending the Problogger conference. I suggested we start a podcast together, as we were already both pretty busy with our own businesses.

We’d pay attention to the conference and see if bloggers and business people would be interested in productivity and accountability tips.

It was a resounding yes! EVERY keynote speaker mentioned both productivity and accountability were the keys to success and getting things done! Socially many of the attendees we spoke with also mentioned they struggled with productivity and staying on track.

The conference closed with a challenge to identify that “One Thing” that we would focus on once we were back at our desks on Monday morning. As Mel and I both had “starting a podcast” written down as our “one thing” whallah, The Activity Pod was born!

The New Business Currency – An Interesting Podcasting Trend

business currency

Our podcast launched a couple of months later and to date, there are 15 Episode’s available via iTunes or Sticher and a further 6 recorded ready for release. There are also another 8 guests slotted in for interviews in the next few weeks.

The show’s weekly format is fairly informal, just 3 people chatting about real-world problems around accountability, productivity and getting stuff done.

Our guests are chosen with our audience in mind, can they provide hints, tips and secret’s of how they get stuff done? Plus, they must have a successful track record, in other words, have they “walked their talk?”

Here’s where it gets really interesting…

We ask all our guests, two main questions. “How do you fit everything in?” As they have ALL pretty impressive accomplishments and full days. Frankly, we are sometimes exhausted just reading their Bio’s!

The second question is “Do you have any morning rituals or routines?”

To date, ALL have answered they DON’T! To the second question ALL take at least 15 minutes to themselves in the morning for their own “quiet time” or meditation time before they commence their day.

They are not supermen or superwomen and don’t confess to being either.

They are ordinary people just like you, achieving some extraordinary results. They are getting stuff done but not at the expense of their health, their family, and other important values.

The badge of honor stating “I work 80 hours a week” and I’m proud of it, is fastly becoming worthless in our society and is so old-school. Self-care is the new currency and deemed priceless if you want to live a successful life where you achieve what you want but not at the expense of your health like many of the Boomers that have gone before us.

Initially, Mel and I thought answers would be around efficiency, managing time and beating the clock. While those points are included in their days, they are not the MOST important items of their day. Self-care and spending time with loved ones are valued more.

Can it be our values have shifted from gaining the over-achiever badge at the expense of our families, health, and wellbeing to a more holistic view? A view that puts those once neglected parts of our lives first?

For me, I can tell you it has been music to my ears and here’s why;

It has stopped my insidious comparisons to other people and my thinking that I am not achieving enough.

What is ‘enough’ anyway?

Inarguably the internet and technology have made differences to our lives. We have immediate access to information in real-time, we can have millions of answers to our questions, seconds after we finish typing our inquiries into Google.

We even have words that are household names now that didn’t exist 15 years ago, think Google, Googling, and Googled!

The internet has also provided a plethora of social media platforms where we can interact with friends locally, nationally and even internationally.

It’s my belief that the internet also provides insights into people’s lives and even more-so the ugly comparison of “their” lives to ours.

Expectations have far outweighed the realism of people’s lives. Just like a fake Resume can be created for a job interview, fake lives can be, and are portrayed via social media.

Those that have it all, do it all, never have a bad day, let alone a bad hair day, don’t exist and that IS reality!

From our guests, an important message has emerged self-care is the new badge of honor. It’s our neglected cousin that will bring us peace, clarity, stability, and calmness, a foundation to commence our days, with a realistic expectation that if I don’t achieve everything that’s written on my list that’s OK. If everything doesn’t get done today, there is always tomorrow.

Do away with your comparisons, let those self-serving pieces of crap GO and realise you ARE enough, you DO enough! Take even more time to yourself, because self-care is more important and I’ve deemed it to be the new business currency!

Tell me how do YOU start your day, do you have a morning routine or daily rituals?

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