Jimmy Wahs Burleigh Heads

Jimmy Wahs Burleigh Heads

Jimmy Wahs Burleigh Heads is one of those restaurants that will have you returning, again and again, the food is that good.

Whether you are looking for a quick bite and a glass of wine, a catch up with a girlfriend, a meal with friends or intimate dinner or lunch for two, Jimmy Wahs has it covered.

Situated on the service road of the Gold Coast Highway at Burleigh Heads you have a choice of sitting outside on high tables or inside of this 50+ seater restaurant.

Having been introduced to the modern-Asian Vietnamese restaurant by our friends we’ve been back every couple of months for lunch (some of them very long!).

We’ve taken friends visiting from interstate, celebrated friends Birthday’s there and enjoyed reunion lunches too. It’s the perfect place for a laid back long lunch while the food and drinks flow.

Dining at Jimmy Wahs Burleigh Heads

The majority of times we’ve eaten at Jimmy Wah’s we’ve elected to have the “Feed Me” menu. If you are in a group of 8 or more you must have it to dine there.

If you opt for the Feed Me Menu, Chef Jake Cooley serves 7 courses plus a side based on your likes, dislikes and allergies. I love that kind of eating. Plus, as I’m gluten intolerant and detest coriander (as does Kevin) this is perfect for us.

Jimmy Wah's Burleigh Heads Restaurant Review

Dishes we’ve eaten at Jimmy Wahs Burleigh Heads

Chicken Ribs

Jimmy Wah's Chicken Ribs

You have the best of both worlds with this choice of cut of chicken, it’s like eating a chicken wing with an abundance of meat.

A delicious sriracha sauce mixed with roasted tomatoes topped with sesame seeds. I’ve heard some describe this dish as “delicious but it packs a punch”. My palate would say it has a bit of a zing.

Regardless of tolerances to spices and chillies, I’m yet to hear a negative comment or someone who wouldn’t order it again, so go ahead and order it if you don’t partake in the Feed Me Menu.

Yellow Fin Sashimi

Jimmy Wah's Yellow Fin SashimiBeautifully sliced fresh Yellow Fin Tuna topped with a freeze-dried wasabi pea with radish, shiso and soy dressing.

We prefer salmon sashimi but this dish always questions my intentions. Enticing me to defect and chalk up tuna as my first sashimi love.

The flavours are superb and work together so well. Another “must-have”.

Crispy Spring Rolls

Jimmy Wah's Crispy Spring Rolls

Served with a baby cos lettuce leaf and nuoc cham. You are instructed to wrap the lettuce leaf around the crispy spring roll and dip into the slightly salty, sweet dipping sauce.

Another taste sensation and I love these as they are gluten-free too!

Grilled Angus Oyster Blade

Jimmy Wah's Grilled Angus oyster blade, betel leaf, taro, daikon & carrot pickle

I find the betel an unusual texture, however, it’s ideal to wrap around a beautifully cooked slice of Angus beef. Add the crunch from the taro, daikon and carrot pickle for the perfect accompaniments for a dish with a difference.

Green Papaya Salad

Jimmy Wah's Green papaya, beans, red chilli, peanuts

A visit to a Vietnamese restaurant wouldn’t be complete without a Green Papaya Salad. The Jimmy Wah salad will not disappoint. The sweet, sour, hot and salty combinations are all there, with chef’s own take, adding fresh beans for added crunch.

Grilled Giant Octopus

Jimmy Wah's Grilled giant octopus

If there was an award for prettiness on a plate this one would have my vote. Even Crave Gold Coast thought so as the image made the Top 10 foodie photos on Instagram recently when I posted it on my account.

Giant octopus tentacles marinated and char-grilled, yum. Add Thai basil emulsion, wild puffed rice and slithers of radish, double yum!

Caramelised Pork Belly

Jimmy Wah's Caramelised pork belly, sweet and sour pineapple, radish, mint, toasted rice

My photography skills don’t do this dish justice! Baked pork belly, sweet and sour pineapple with radish, mint and toasted rice and of course…crackle. Because what’s the point of eating pork without the crackle?

If you live or are visiting the Gold Coast then definitely include Jimmy Wahs Burleigh Heads on your “Must” dine there list, you won’t be disappointed!

Have you dined at Jimmy Wahs? What was your favourite dish? Let me know in the comments below?

Restaurant Name:

Jimmy Wah’s


1724 Gold Coast Highway, Burleigh Heads, Queensland, 4220, Australia

Contact Details:

W – Jimmy Wah’s

P – 5659 1180


If you are a local and haven’t visited Jimmy Wah’s put it on your list you won’t be disappointed. If you are visiting the Gold Coast this is a ‘must’ if you love Vietnamese food.

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