Why I Love Staying in Apartments and Villas

Why I Love Staying in Apartments and Villas

Gone are the days of having to stay in a stuffy hotel or a resort over-run with children. There are so many different styles of accommodation, that are not only affordable, but they allow you to mix with the locals, in all parts of the globe in today’s world.

Now before you head to the bottom of this post and scold me about the children comment, let me say I’ve been there, done that. When you have kids, they are fantastic! The kids have a fabulous time meeting new friends and checking out the Kid’s clubs and the parents can have time together, relax and enjoy the trip too.

With my sons no longer kids, nor living at home and coming on Vacation with us, I prefer a quieter environment during the day, time to chill out, relax, catch up on some reading, without the mayhem of a resort.

Hotels have their place and are great if it’s a short overnight stay or for a few days for a conference. It’s convenient to stay where the conference is being held or close by.

It’s the space and freedom of having more than the size of a postage stamp to spread out that is appealing to me. There is always a balcony, a deck or some living space attached to escape the TV if it’s on, or simply to enjoy the view if you have one.

Plus, sometimes you just feel like a snack, or just plain old scrambled eggs or tea and toast in the mornings. There is nothing more annoying than having your nose in a good book and then having to get ready and go to breakfast, or lunch OR dinner!

Whether it’s a fully equipped kitchen or a small kitchenette, so long as it has a fridge for your staples, cheese, wine and Champagne it’s a winner in my book. I’m not saying to cook full on meals as I described here…you are on vacation after all, I am saying I love the convenience.

I was introduced to the concept by a girlfriend who I met in Zimbabwe (Hi Ann!) she and her husband so very kindly invited us to holiday with them and their children on the island of Mauritius. They had been before and stayed in a resort and in a private home…right on the beach front!

We had a wonderful time as did the kids. A maid come in daily to clean and the make beds and she even cooked a few meals for us too! Such luxury for a reasonable price.

Since that time I’ve stay in an apartment in Florence,

Florence Apartment


A Villa in Praiano on the Amalfi Coast, just near Positano, this was the view


And several Villas in Bali, this one is in Ubud

Bali Villa coll

Staying in an Apartment, Vacation Home or Villa as an alternative to a Hotel or Resort is such a good way to become immersed in the culture, mix it with the locals, who knows, you may even be invited to a BBQ or neighborhood event.

Where To Book

Before I had a membership and access to the best booking system on the planet I’ve used Wotif and AirBnB, Now when I travel, I shoot straight to my membership as I’ve found I’ve always saved, be it on accommodation, flights or activities, plus I have access to a 24 hour concierge service to anything I might need or need to know.

Be careful of bogus reviews given on the big sites as we were caught out on our trip to Koh Samui in Thailand last year (pre-membership days) and stayed at a dreadful place that bore no resemblance to the reviews!

Where do you prefer to stay when traveling? Hotels, Apartments, Homes, Resorts, BnB’s or Villas?

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