My 3 Travel Essentials

My 3 Travel Essentials

My 3 travel essentials may surprise you and might even make you smile.

We all have our favorites to take with us on a trip, they always make our suitcase no matter what. You know those things that we can’t leave the house without when we are going on a holiday or vacation? We can’t possibly leave them behind and they MUST be included in our luggage!

They always make the top of the list and you probably don’t even think about writing them down, it’s just a given.

My 3 Travel Essentials

3 things i must take

    • A piece of technology
    • A piece of clothing
    • An electrical item


I’m no different to you and as technology has made such an impression in our daily lives my number one technology piece is my laptop.

I bet you thought I’d say my phone? I guess many people would but with Apple’s technology, I can receive phone calls on my laptop anyway!

OK I can’t MAKE phone calls, but I CAN receive them. Plus, I barely make actual calls most days; I mainly use my phone for its camera and for checking my Facebook page or Twitter.

As I operate an online travel business, it’s a MUST for me to take my laptop. I check social media accounts, write post and blog post, make graphics and store photo’s.


My absolute #1 thing I never leave the house without is my cashmere travel wrap.

Versatile, as I can wear it many ways, warm enough for a chilly spring/summer breezes and cosy enough as an extra layer for Autumn and Winter, so any time of the year!

I can use it as a statement piece, a simple shawl for a super-cas chill fighter in an office or plane, or even a pillow or blanket. I did say it was versatile!

Plus, it’s easily placed into and removed in my handbag at a moments notice, takes up no space, it’s the perfect blend of fashion and function.


Ha! The mind boggles! It’s simple my friend and if you are a woman you’ll understand, I HAVE to take my own blow-dryer!

Yes, I’m a self-confessed blow-dryer snob!

I’d rather ditch an extra pair of shoes out of my suitcase before I’d leave my blow-dryer behind!

I know you might not “get it” especially if you are a male, especially as there are ALREADY blow-dryers in most rooms, right? But it’s not the same!

I guess it’s a hangover from my hairdressing days, plus you’d have to understand the texture of my hair too. Fine, naturally curly and highly colored. Trust me, it NEEDS a good strong blow-dryer!

So there you have it the 3 travel essentials that make my suitcase no matter what. Yes, there other important things but my laptop, my cashmere wrap and blow-dryer are my MUSTS!

What is it for you? What are your 3 travel essentials you MUST take with you on your trips?

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