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Secrets On The Lake

There’s nothing quite like a mid-week getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life is there? This one was a special getaway for me, as it was my Birthday and Kev had won lots of brownie points as he’d picked up during the year that I hadn’t stayed overnight in either Montville or Maleny. Both towns are nestled into the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast,  11/2 hours drive north of where we live.

We were staying elsewhere in Montville this time but as we explored the area and towns during the 3 days we passed the turn off to Secrets on the Lake many times, it beckoned every time and waited ever so patiently until we were ready to explore all it had to offer.

We had left the best till last and visited Secrets On The Lake on our last afternoon. I’d heard so much about it, how beautiful, serene and peaceful the resort was, and it didn’t disappoint!

We were greeted by a friendly kinda guy (George as we later found out) asking if he could help us, explaining that the cafe was closed, however, we could still take a look around.

There was a small wedding reception taking place and by the aromas making their way from the kitchen, the food would have been delicious. Not wanting to ‘gate-crash’ a wedding we took a quick look around and headed back outside.

George met us and asked if we’d like to see the accommodation and settings. We jumped at the chance and promptly received a personal tour from George, who was actually the owner!


Secrets On The Lake


207 Narrows Road

Montville, 4560

Queensland Australia

Contact Details:

Ph + 61 7 5478 5888

Email [email protected]


LL FRom Bed Looking Out


There are a variety of Treehouses dotted below the rich canopy of the rainforest. All Treehouses have a beautiful views of Lake Baroon from inside the accommodation or on the deck.

Although there are different standards of Treehouses ranging from luxury to penthouses plus group accommodation and family accomodation available at Secrets On The Lake, The ‘Lizards Lair’ is featured for this review. Beautifully appointed with carved red cedar, hand blown glass, ironwork and many luxury inclusions, it even had it’s own wine fridge in the kitchen!

LL Kitchen


A large spa sat on the lower level at the front of the room, (see image at the start of the review) just behind an expanse of windows giving you a birds-eye view of the lake. It captures your attention from the moment you walk (or are carried) over the threshold! Think bubbles both in the spa and in a glass!

I pictured myself lazing around in there for hours!

If the spa isn’t appealing then there is always the deck and the swing seat. I thought it looked a little hard and couldn’t see myself sitting there for too long, but I was pleasantly surprised at its comfort level , a book and a glass of bubbles would be perfect companions!

LL Swing Seat

George advised there were “more luxuriously appointed Treehouses” and were also “more secluded” we couldn’t inspect them that day as all but this room were taken. We would have been extremely happy with the Lizards Lair, maybe next year? Wink, Wink Kevin!

Rating: 4.5 of 5



Secrets On The Lake cater for weddings, holiday makers, romantic and/or relaxing getaways. The facilities and amenities are endless. You can

  • Take bush walks
  • Use the library of Games
  • Listen to CD’s
  • Watch DVD’s
  • Play billiards on the antique table
  • Stroll around the walkways
  • Enjoy the abundant wildlife and bird watching
  • Visit the art gallery
  • Fishing
  • Canoeing
  • Have a massage

Or simply relax



We only met George and if he is the standard through the whole of Secrets On The Lake then they would all be wonderful!

Rating: 4.5 of 5


LL LAke View from Deck

Secrets On The Lake is the perfect place to relax, restore and re-energize, I would highly recommend a stay here.

It is a beautiful setting for a wedding too, very romantic and picturesque with many photo opportunities on the lush green lawns of the foreshore of Lake Baroon, the carved decks and ponds. There are a multitude of options for that special day.

Where is your favorite place to relax and re-energize?

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