Skin Care Tips For Traveling & The Ultimate Tonic For Your Skin

Skin Care Tips For Traveling & The Ultimate Tonic for Your Skin

When it comes to traveling and exciting trips away for a vacation or holiday, complicated beauty routines and a beauty case the size of a small suitcase is the last thing you need. Simple products that work well and cover all avenues are the best for your time away.

My mantra for my beauty routine at home is to keep it as simple as possible, so I’m hardly up for anything remotely complicated when I’m sipping cocktails by a pool or out seeing the sights and mixing it with the locals.

In the Air


I don’t know about you, by the time I’ve reached my seat on any aircraft I am usually gasping for water, if I haven’t grabbed a bottle after the security checks at airports. Pack your own empty bottle, a soft-sided one like this one works well as it weighs very little, takes up next to no space and can be filled easily and reused.

There are usually a few flight attendants near the galleys as you are finding your seat, I’ve found most are happy to fill a bottle with water for you. Let’s face it, those thimble-sized cups on offer, hardly wet your lips!

Speaking of lips, carry a tube of lip balm with you at all times, as they are the first to dry out on a long haul. Reapply as needed, especially after food or drink. Eye cream is also useful during long flights, use a small amount every few hours, rather than your usual routine morning and night.

The reason we need to keep hydrated and moisturized is the dry cabin air. Air is pumped into the cabin to replace the carbon dioxide we breathe out, however, air at high altitudes has very little moisture, making the cabin air feel very dry.

Another contributing factor to drying skin when we travel by air is alcohol. Not only will you feel it’s effects quicker, again due to the altitude, but it will also dehydrate you and your skin. If you can, leave the celebrations for when you reach your destination or poolside, your skin will thank you for it!

On The Ground

Keeping It Simple

When I travel I keep it fairly simple. Cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize. An organic BB cream by La Mav, (I actually use this all the time now) a light dusting of translucent powder and blush, mascara and lipstick or lip balm, depending on the occasion.

If you caught my Packing Video Series you would have seen me talking about decanting your skincare products into small bottles to save space and weight. I’m an advocate for saving space and packing light, however, on my recent trip interstate I found products that took up less space AND no need for decanting, perfect.

Even though I generally check all rooms and cupboards before I leave my accommodation, on an overnight stay a few months ago, I left my small bottles with my skincare, shampoo, conditioner and body lotion behind. I could have kicked myself as I’d just purchase the whole set before that trip.

Back to the store and this is what I now use

Do you have any skincare tips for traveling you can share?

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