Drum Roll Please! Announcing The Activity Pod – A Podcast With Annette Jones and Mel Kettle

The Activity Pod – Drum Roll Please! Announcing  – A Podcast With Annette Jones and Mel Kettle

If you’d told me 9 months I’d be hosting a podcast by the end of this year I may have believed you if I was talking about travel, food and adventures, however, if you’d told me it would be about accountability, productivity and focus, my eyebrows would have raised. A lot!

It’s often said that we teach for understanding, or what we want to learn and master ourselves, and my podcast with Mel Kettle is no exception to that rule. You’ll hear how The Activity Pod was born in Episode 00

I’m certainly not the MOST focused person on the planet, but I can be. Sometimes I’m not as strict with myself and hold myself accountable, but I can be and I’m not the most productive person in the world either, however, when all those things align, I’m on fire and get stuff done!

That’s what our podcast covers, getting stuff done, we interview guests where they share their secrets, tips, tricks and tools to how they get stuff done.

Our guests talk about a variety of subjects and come from diverse backgrounds and I’m sure you’ll find them interesting.

We’ve interviewed Julie Goodwin the season 1 winner of MasterChef Australia talking about life after MasterChef, her cooking school Julie’s Place and her new book and how she manages her life. You can listen now to Julie’s Episode.

Caz Makepeace from yTravelBlog talks about her daily rituals, traveling with her family, working with brands and developing products and how she juggles and manages all of that. You can listen here to Caz’s Episode.

You’ll learn a little more about me, my life and background in this Episode

And my podcasting partner Mel in this Episode.

Future Episodes include

Spencer Howson – Brisbane’s #1 radio breakfast announce since 2006! An honour he’s had 41 times!
Alexx Stuart – passionate about leading a low-tox life, a blogger, educator and speaker
Lillian Reekie – the Parenting Strategist, author or 6 books, speaker
Darren Rowse – podcaster, professional blogger at ProBlogger and Digital Photography School
Valerie Khoo – blogger, speaker, podcaster and CEO of the Australian Writer’s Centre

We are also open to suggestions from you, who would YOU like to hear talking about their life and how they get stuff done? You can let us know via any of our social media channels or you can contact me here.

It’s been a fairly quick journey into podcasting going from a vague “wouldn’t it be nice” to “shall we team up?” to “let’s do it!” and here we are launched! That isn’t to say that it hasn’t been a lot of work, organising websites, equipment, graphics, recording interviews, writing copy, uploading files and that’s without learning new skills! Nothing like stretching yourself I say!

You can subscribe to The Activity Pod via iTunes so you can listen on the go while you are exercising or commuting and very soon on Stitcher. We are awaiting their confirmation, should come online any day now!

We’d love to have you join us on The Activity Pod so our show notes will land in your inbox weekly and where our guest can help you be more productive, focused and get stuff done!

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