Travel and Living: How We Travel The World

Travel and Living: How We Travel The World

How we travel the world is a question we are asked by many people, friends, family and strangers included. They are generally curious and want to know how we can travel all over the world so often, several times a year.

The truth is it’s just a perception, we don’t travel “all the time” (I wish!) as most people think, we travel overseas only once per year, have one interstate trip and several weekends away or mid-week getaways.

Do we have goals to travel the globe and travel around Australia full time? Absolutely, however, the timing isn’t quite right for us yet, as some of our goals didn’t work out according to our plans.

No doubt if you are reading this article then you are curious to not only know how we travel the world but maybe asking the same question of yourself, together with can I afford it too? The answer is yes.

I believe everybody can afford to travel the whole world if they want to, just the same as I think we can be, do and have anything we want IF we are prepared to do the work to get the thing we want. You will if you want something badly enough, in fact, you probably have experience this already at some stage in your life!

 7  Tips on How We Travel The World and How You Can Too

How We Travel The World

1. Why Travel is Important to You

Knowing why we want or do something in our lives is a valuable asset. An asset for when things are tough, not going to plan or if you are feeling overwhelmed with life in general. Knowing why travel is important to you will help you push through, make the struggle worthwhile and help you survive the harder times. It will give you something to focus upon until the magical days arrives when you can take off and travel!

2. Have a Goal

When I was newly married with a young baby and another one on the way I wanted to visit my parents living in Sydney. It was a 2-hour plane journey with a price tag back in the day of $550! I had to fund my trip myself as we were a one income family.

I’d started a part time business, working from home just a few hours a week. Suddenly I saw this part time business in a completely new light. If I help enough people save some money on their everyday household items I could afford a plane ticket to Sydney.

I set the goal for three months and achieved it in two! The universe really does conspire to make things happen when you become really clear on your why and have something to aim for.

3. Calculate – How Much You Can Afford

Be realistic with this exercise as hard as that may be for you.

Could you fly overseas and stay for a week in a luxury five-star resort or could you manage a three or four-star hotel and extend your stay for two weeks instead? You have to have a budget and if this a new idea to you or you can’t face the drama of work out a travel budget I have a free download here to help you!

4. Luxury Everyday Items

Seems like a contradiction doesn’t it? How can you have luxurious everyday items? Everyday items to you may seem like a luxury to someone else. A couple of Starbucks a day soon adds up. Think about it, what would you pay for a coffee? $5? Maybe even more, depending on the size and extra’s you have. You could save anywhere between $10-$20 per DAY, do the math per week and per year on that! That’s an airfare alone.

Ok so I’m not a big coffee drinker, however, I do like a good quality glass of wine, when you want something badly enough you might have to give something you love, up!

5. Designer Labels, Purses, and Shoes

It’s been many years since I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on an item or complete outfit. Oh don’t get me wrong I love them, it’s just that my priorities have changed. Gone are the days when I’d spend $300 on a pair of shoes ($600 in today’s language) because I was going somewhere special. I’d rather save it and put it towards my next trip.

Be smart with your clothing choices and buy classic basic pieces that don’t date. Each season select a few ‘fashion’ items to team with your basics and whallah you’ll save yourself a fortune.

6. Work for Yourself

Time constrictions are one of the two top reasons people can’t travel more. Sure they would like to, however, time and money stop them.

Sixteen years ago I started a business and started working for myself. After a few years with the help of a business coach I learned if I could delegate tasks and leverage my time it would free me up so I could pursue the things I really love to do, travel being one of those things.

I decided back then that the most important thing to me was my lifestyle and how I lived my life.

So I gave up trying to be all things to everyone, doing everything myself and being a control freak and learned to delegate. I might not have created a multi-million dollar empire but I did create a lifestyle I loved.

Oh, it’s Ok for you I hear you say. Hmmm, maybe you are right. What if you could do that too? Is there something you are both really good at AND love to do? That could be an opportunity for you to start something now, part time and turn it into a full-time income in the future.

With technology and the age of the internet and social media, anything is possible for you. I really believe that!

7. Travel Deals

We were always on the look out for travel deal, there’s enough of them around isn’t there? That was until I found out about the Travel Club. It’s a club where you can experience luxury travel at low cost. Guaranteed lowest prices on airfares, activities, accommodation and independent travel.

You can use it to research, book flights, book hotels, car hire and travel related experiences, in fact if it has anything to do with travel you can probably find it in the travel club. There’s even room to actually make money while traveling too!

That’s how we travel the world and I look forward to meeting you on the beaches of the world or perhaps we’ll bump into you driving around Australia!

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