Travel Beauty Essentials For Your Vacation

Travel Beauty Essentials For Your Vacation

Beauty essentials are always on my list of things to organize before a trip.

There’s also luggage to organize, books and magazines to buy, camera equipment checked, batteries to charge, the fridge to clean out, and that’s without sorting your wardrobe out, the list is endless!

Before you hit the road there are certain “must do” beauty essentials that need a girls attention. Waxing, eyebrow shaping and tinting, visits to your hairstylist, spray tanning if you are heading anywhere near a beach or ocean, manicures and pedicures. Just the usual upkeep and beauty routine for most us girls, however, it seems to be a concentrated effort prior to a trip away!

Here are my best traveling tips I can give you for your hair, makeup, and beauty for your holiday or vacation.

3 Best Travel Tips For Hair, Makeup and Beauty

3 Best Travel Tips For Hair, Makeup and Beauty

Beauty Essentials List

Some of the travel beauty must haves include travel size skin care. Look for a kit that has the basic essentials of a cleanser, exfoliant, lip balm to keep that in-flight dryness at bay, day cream and a good oil or anti-aging cream.

If your products have their own travel toiletry case too it’s an added bonus so they are easy to find when you are unpacking when you reach your destination. No need to rummage through your whole suitcase if you arrive late.

This is the pack I use. It’s from Uni Organics, not only have I found them the best place to buy travel size items, they are also beautiful certified organic skin care products too. They are so concentrated they last for many trips, which is an important beauty essential. Plus there’s no more decanting, bonus!

Remember your nails too, I always throw an emery board in for those unexpected snags.

Uni Organics Luxe Travel Kit

So impressed with my purchase with Uni Organic products I’ve recently partnered with them and added them to my travel shop

If you are heading to a resort by the ocean and have had a spray tan before you leave, then you might want to include a moisturizer that maintains your tan and builds upon it while you are away.

Or you might want to just include your standard body cream, I use an organic coconut oil in my daily beauty routine so that’s what I use when I travel as it’s so versatile. I think it’s near impossible to buy all travel sizes in every single product you need so you still may need to decant some products.

Makeup Essentials List

I keep my makeup routine very simple most days so I’m not about to complicate things on a trip away. My core makeup essentials are

  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Mascara
  • Makeup brushes
  • Loose translucent powder
  • Blush
  • Brow pencil
  • Lipsticks

Makeup essentials list

I do believe in using good quality products, after all, our skin is our largest organ and absorbs whatever we put on it.

Brushes are also a beauty essential so they make my travel toiletry case too. I use one for the translucent powder and one for the blush.

You’ll notice there’s no eyeshadow or eyeliner on my list I rarely wear either preferring a natural look, however that personal choice so go ahead and include them if you wear them.

Hair Essentials List

As a former hairstylist, one of the most common complaints I received from clients was dry hair. This was especially true when they had been away on a vacation. Swimming in chlorine isn’t kind to our hair drying out the mid-lengths and ends. Neither is salt water, although it is good for our skin.

The very basics you need to pack are the shampoo and conditioner you use at home. Don’t rely on the toiletries supplied by the hotel or accommodation where you are booked. They generally use sub-standard products unless you are in an eco-lodge or away at an organic or cleansing retreat. They will definitely supply you with great products!

Another must is a leave in conditioner. This is the one I use and as they don’t produce a travel size I have to decant into a small spray bottle. If you blow-dry or colour your hair it’s a must, no matter if you are traveling or not. It’s great for all hair types, espcially dry hair and even on fine hair such as mine it’s fantastic!

Pureology Colour Fanatic

Dry shampoo has made a resurgence in the last few years and there some outstanding products on the market now. I use this Sebastian product as not only can I use it as a dry shampoo it’s great as a volumizer and styling product for my fine hair.

Sebastian Drynamic or Dry Clean Only

Here in Australia it’s called Drynamics, however, elsewhere it has the name of  Dry Clean Only.

If you have long or dry hair you could always pop a sachet or two in your travel beauty case for an extra deep treatment should you need it. You could even apply it if you are spending a day at the beach and it will condition and protect your hair too.

These are my few treavel beauty essentials that suit me. What are your beauty essentials when you travel?

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