Travel Illness: Do You Suffer Motion Sickness, Car Sick or Travel Sick?

Travel Illness: Do You Suffer Motion Sickness, Car Sick or Travel Sick?

Travel illness is the most bizarre illness for a travel blogger don’t you think? I often shake my head (after a trip of course) and think how ironic it is for to me be travel sick!

During my lifetime, I’ve suffered every type of travel sickness imaginable. My earliest memory as a child waking on a bus, feeling dreadful and being sick.

Suffering the embarrassment of not making it to the aeroplane toilet and having to use one of those airsick bags!

Wishing I could die (yes I ACTUALLY thought that!) on a boat from the mainland to a tropical island off the coast of Queensland.

During the first part of the 31/2 hour journey (that should have only been 1 hour!), I was very concerned the boat would sink the waves were that high! Then, after heading for the railings only half an hour into the journey and subsequent 3 hours having severe motion sickness I hoped it would!

I know travel illness not the best of topics for a travel blog, shouldn’t I be describing a beautiful tropical Island, cocktails on the beach or watching the sunset instead?

Yes and no.

One thing I do know, if you are reading this article you suffer either air sickness, car sickness, sea sickness or some form of motion sickness. You are completely over it and looking for a remedy that will save you that awful feeling, plus the embarrassment!

9 Tips To Overcome Motion Sickness

travel illness

1. Don’t fight it!

Soon as motion sickness symptoms rear their ugly head, go with them. When you think about it, the very thing we fight down is the very thing that brings relief. Sometimes you only have to be sick once and you feel so much better and can get on your way.

Look, no-one wants to be sick but the sooner you are then the sooner you will feel better so go with it!

2. Take drugs

It’s the last resort for me as I don’t like taking any medication, plus they make me feel drowsy too. If I absolutely know 100% the journey ahead is going to be rough going then I’ll reach for the Kwells. I’ve found them the best drug for motion sickness. Speak to your local pharmacist before you travel next.

3. Stay hydrated

It’s weird but the only time I reach for a soda is when I’m feeling motion sick. My daily go-to to hydrate is always water but if I’m not feeling too great when I’m traveling then it has to be something fizzy.

Most “experts” will tell you to keep your blood sugar as steady as possible with no sudden spikes, for me, fizzy helps me feel a bit better so it may work for you too.

Make sure you drink plenty of water before you travel as a travel illness of any kind will dehydrate you very quickly.

4. Watch the horizon

It doesn’t always work, however, it certainly helps. When you suffer motion sickness it’s actually the imbalance of fluid in your ear that causes you to feel so dreadful. Your body is disorientated as the thing you are traveling on is moving (you included). If you can stare at the horizon it can counteract the movement that you are feeling and cause the imbalance in your ears.

5. Natural remedies

Natural remedies for motion sickness are my preference. I always carry ginger tablets and wristbands with acupressure points in my luggage when I know I am going to be on the water. Thankfully it’s the main type of travel illness I now suffer and not EVERY time I’m on a boat either.

6. Mind over matter

Some deep breathing, being distracted AND telling yourself you feel great works too! Talk to yourself (not out loud of course!) say you feel good, I’m always healthy when I travel, etc, keep it positive and don’t use words like “I’m not going to be sick” “I’m not going to get sick” because that’s exactly what your mind will focus on, being or getting sick!

It works, I’ve talked myself out of feeling sick often!

7. Fresh air

On a plane turn the air vent on high. Use a fan or something to fan yourself with, or better still have someone fan you to keep you cool. Open the car window. Get outside, on deck if you are on a boat. Fresh air will definitely help you feel better.

8. Sit where you feel comfortable

To prevent car sickness for me it’s the front seat, for others, it’s the back seat. Look out the (open) window and stare at the horizon.

9. Best seasickness tip that works every time

This tip was given to me 6 weeks after that dreadful boat trip I described above. Again I was leaving the mainland for another island (yes I know, you think I’d learn!). When we reached the port there were several options a boat, a yacht or a catamaran.

We were advised to choose the yacht as it cuts trough the waves rather than rolling over them. Now I’m not sure if that is true or what the skipper gave us about an hour after we left port.

He announced if anybody was starting to feel a little queasy then he’d give them some cotton wool.

Cotton wool? I thought it was a sick (pardon the pun!) joke but it’s the best seasickness tip that actually works!

The skipper told me to put a little cotton wool in one ear only. “Just one ear, ” I asked? Yes, just one ear he repeated.

He went on to explain the cotton wool in just one ear balances out the fluid in our ears, hence it stops travel illness!

Mind over matter? Who cares I say if it works and I don’t have to feel any motion sickness!

What about you. Tell me, what’s your best tip to overcome motion sickness that has worked for you?

Please note There is an affiliate link in this article. For my hard work in sharing my tips, I’ll get a teeny tiny commission from Amazon (you don’t pay any more by-the-way) which in turn helps keep this travel blog running! 

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