Travel Like A Pro With These 6 Travel Hacks

Travel Like A Pro With These 6 Travel Hacks

When you set off on the day of your trip, you want to relax and savor the moment, leaving the routine day to day behind. Best way to do that is being organized, so you can just kick back, relax and enjoy your hard earned time away!

From packing lighter to buying from a wholesaler, there is nothing like travel hack, to satisfy that wanderlust even more. I’ve listed a few tried and tested travel hacks I’ve used over the years of traveling for fun or to another country as an expat. You can travel like a pro too with a little planning.

1. Take a Morning Flight

If your anything like me I just want to get there and the earlier the better, who wants to miss one moment of a vacation?! Not only is it great to get there asap, to really start your vacation, there are less delays too and who wants to sit around waiting all day for a flight? If a flight is delayed at mid-day then it creates a domino effect for the remainder of the day, add an afternoon storm into the equation and flights are cancelled and your trip will start day later (yes I am speaking from experience!).

2. Book Ahead

Make your bookings as early as you can, there will be more seats available and at a cheaper cost. The magic number of days out is 54 days apparently according to industry experts such as CheapAir. Consider buying directly from a wholesaler, that way your are guaranteed some of the lowest fares on the planet! Not only fares, there’s accommodation, activities, car hire and more, you could even make money when traveling if you are Entrepreneurially minded. Go here if it’s something that interests you.

3. Travel Light

If you could see how I use to travel years ago you’d have a great laugh! The more I’ve traveled (and lived!) the more I realized I didn’t need most of the stuff I packed or the heavy suitcase. These days I travel like a pro with just a carry on as I did on this recent long haul trip to Chicago and I’d urge you to do the same. Peace of mind as your luggage is with you at all times, you save on overweight baggage charges and you can glide past the queue’s at the luggage carousels in the airports! Need help with packing light? Grab my packing like a pro video series here.

4. Organize Your Travel Apps

Make sure you have downloaded the airlines company’s app and their entertainment app for both your smartphone and your pad device. Also make sure the entertainment app is activated. On a recent Bali trip we traveled Virgin Airlines and luckily had downloaded and activated their apps. Many people hadn’t and couldn’t watch or listen to any of Virgin’s entertainment. Something you are not aware of until you are strapped in and the flight attendant makes the announcement!

Consider joining twitter if you do not have a twitter account. Follow your airline, accommodation, credit card company and even your bank. This is a quick way to find out if there are any delays or have a quick question answered as there are people manning them all the time for this reason.

5. Get Pre-Checks

When traveling to or within the United States you must go through a security check. Best to do this online before you travel. It saves wait time at the other end and lots of queuing, which is one of my pet hates!

6. Pick Up Areas

The most logical place to be picked up in an airport is the Arrival area, however if you arrange with the person who is collecting you, the departure area is generally less congested. Security is a little more lenient too, allowing some waiting time at the curb for passengers.

What travel hacks do you use and find useful that could help others in our community travel like a pro?

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