Travel Packing Tips So You Remember Everything

Travel Packing Tips So You Remember Everything

If I were being honest this travel packing tips article is a reminder to myself! It’s an article begging to be written as yep you guessed it, I have forgotten so very important items on a trip…AND recently!

A few weekends ago we were booked into a mountain retreat for some little RnR for a well-earned break after selling our businesses.

Not sure what happened but I left some fairly important items behind that I’m happy to share with you so long as you don’t laugh!

Firstly I completely forgot to pack…wait for it…underwear!!!

Ok, I don’t blame you, I laughed too when I discovered no knickers in my suitcase the first morning after my shower. What was I thinking?

Clearly nothing!

I do remember being called away in the midst of packing from my underwear draw as I HAD packed bras. When I went back into my wardrobe and started packing again I did so from a different section of the wardrobe.

Yes I should know better shouldn’t I? I should be organised, have a list to follow, etc, etc, especially considering I have a video series on packing for heavens sake!!

However…I am only human and mistakes happen, that’s life!

Another item I forgot was my cashmere wrap. I take it everywhere with me when I travel…except to a weekend away in the mountains. In my defence is WAS 30 something degree’s celsius when we left Brisbane that day!

Check out my 3 Tavel Essentials here



As we climbed the mountain to our accommodation we could see the clouds starting to form and by the time we’d checked and settled in it was too cold to sit on the balcony and enjoy the view!

The next day wasn’t much better either and we barely ventured out of our room as it was so cold, windy and raining preferring an under the doona day instead. Hardly needed those knickers after all!

The day after was perfect and we had had time to try zip lining, it was on my bucket “to do” list for this year so that was a bonus!

Unfortunately, the helmets we had to wear stunk of sweat from previous participants and I couldn’t wait to get back to our room to shampoo my hair and wash the stench and grime of it.

It’s where I ran into my next problem, no blowdryer! I hadn’t packed one as we were only away for a few days and I’d shampooed and blow-dried my hair on the day we left and knew I wouldn’t need it!

Prepared I wasn’t, I would completely fail the fundamental rules of a scout master, be prepared!!!!

Never mind, it really didn’t matter as we weren’t exactly staying in a 5-star resort and dining at a 3 hatted restaurant for our meals.

Now you know the story behind this travel packing tips article, I hope the following travel packing tips help you as much as they will remind and help me!

 7 Essential Travel Packing Tips

7 Essential Travel Packing Tips

1. Choose Your Clothes & Lay Them Out

A flat surface is best for this, you can add and subtract what you need and also see what you have all in one spot. Typically your bed is ideal for this. Include everything you want to take including, purses, handbags, shoes, socks, sandals, underwear ? belts.

You can see what goes with what and could even jot down a few notes and take them with you so you remember the combinations once you reach your destination. Evernote is a great tool for this.

2. Bathroom Items

A week before your trip place all your skincare, makeup, body care and anything else you wish to take with you in your toiletry bag/s and use daily, you will soon identify anything that is missing or you don’t use. This will help you to travel lighter too!

3. Check Equipment

If you take camera gear as we do make sure your batteries are charged before you travel. Take spare batteries, external hard drives (for all those photo’s you take) sign up for cloud-based backup service such as Dropbox as an additional option for anything that is important to you.

Pad devices, phones, and laptop also fall into this category as does any battery operated equipment. I speak from experience here too as I had my dive equipment serviced and checked, however, didn’t check it myself and found a battery needed replacing in one of the most important parts of my equipment I thought would have been covered in the service! Hard lessons to learn when you are in the middle of the South China Sea miles from the mainland and a battery store!

4. Copy & Backup

The best way to copy your passport, tickets, itineraries or anything to do with paperwork for your travels is to take a photo with your phone and send it to dropbox. You can access your documents from anywhere in the world should you need them.

5. Techie Stuff

While we are talking about all things techie to do with travel, a proper travel packing tips article would not be complete without mentioning cords, power packs, etc.

You can keep cords neatly wrapped and in one place using clips or old sunglass cases or to save even more space pop them into an old toiletry bag. I have a few I’d bought, used a few times, then saw another throughout the markets on my travels. Toiletry bags to me are like stationary stores to other women! ?

Packing a power board is always a good idea, as is a plug with multiple USB slots for quick charging!

6. Luggage

One of my favorite subjects and one of the most common question I’m asked “which bag is the best for travel?” One of my girlfriends even asked me recently if I could write an article about the best bag to buy, so I created this free download How to buy a bag that you’ll love that makes the TSA happy

7. Time Of Arrival

It’s not always possible, however, where it is, always try to arrive mid-late afternoon to your destination. Of course, this won’t apply to you if you are picking up an organised tour, but if you are not it allows you to clear the airport, find transport if you haven’t organised any previously and make your way to your accommodation.

If arriving late is unavoidable then pack what you need for that night on top of your suitcase so it’s easy. The last thing you need is tearing your bag apart looking for your toiletries or clothes late at night after a long day of travel.

What pre-travel packing tips to do you have to share? Do you travel light or are you an over packer?

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