Travel Savings

Travel Savings

Leave The Daily Grind Behind – Turn Your Bucket List into Reality

It’s EXCITING when the day finally arrives that marks the start of your vacation! Whether it’s your very first time or your 100th time, the thrill of exploring new cultures, different food, and the adventure that beckons, can turn any grown adult like a child on Christmas Day waiting to open their presents! 

Slow down a minute!!

What about all the research you have to do to find the best price, for the best accommodation, activities and experiences that saves the most money?

Rewind a few months…

Before you start your vacation, there is always the time you have to spend researching, and if you are anything like me, I use to spend hours and hours of endless research trying to find the right deal that suited my budget.

Research that took days of hopping from one website to another, checking out all the reviews of every hotel, every airline and booking agency possible! Making sure my family and I could relax, spend quality time together, create the best memories and have the peace of mind that we had the very best deal possible.

Then, when I found the right place, was it the right price? More research, more time lost, plus, I felt so frustrated, jumping from one website to another to find the cheapest price!

AND THEN.. finding in the time it took researching when I was finally satisfied with everything and ready to book, the price had gone UP!

I’ve even read recently that websites store your search data, so when you revisit their site, you are pinged as being more ready to buy and so are highly likely to be offered higher prices than you originally saw! How cheeky is that!

Then, I found the perfect solution, what a relief!

From feeling frustrated at the amount of time wasted, to finding the best travel deals, at the best prices. I felt so thankful knowing I’d never have to waste my time again searching for the best deal to save money!

Here’s how I found out about it…

A friend contacted me about a Vacation Membership, as she knew I loved to travel. (I’ve been traveling internationally since I was 8 years old, have moved house over 20 times and have lived in 4 countries)

My friend offered me a way I could save money when I traveled anywhere in the world. Ugh, I thought, this sounds a bit to-good-to-be-true, I asked, “It’s not time-share, is it?

Thank goodness it wasn’t!

This is how I found the Travel Membership helped me

  • Saves money, time and frustration finding the best deals, better than public prices!
  • Gives instant access to incredible savings, 4 and 5-star resorts
  • Gives instant access to EVERY Airline, hotel, car rentals, activities, experiences and cruises all around the World!
  • Prices better than public prices on well-known websites such a, Agoda and more
  • Exclusive Trips to destinations all over the World at better than public prices
  • When you book and find a better price for the same booking the company will refund 150% of the difference!

Of course, I went straight to work on the research. I checked out some of the vacations on offer and airfares and found they were not only WAY cheaper for the same accommodation, in the SAME resorts, the inclusions were out of this world! Inclusions such as breakfasts, some dinners and VIP transfers, pickups, spa and tours discounts, check-ins and even some credits to spend in some resorts.

Your Membership also includes;

  • Exclusive Deals – Enjoy exclusive deals and discounts on shopping, entertainment and dining at places other Members recommend, globally and locally. You can add your top choices, too!
  • Online Shopping – Search your own database and shoop with over 4,000 merchants
  • Access to experiences and activities at better than public prices
  • Concierge – Get treated like the VIP you are with the personalized concierge service. Our concierge helps you order the perfect gift, get the best seats at events and concerts, make restaurant reservations and more!
  • Earn rewards credits on everything you purchase
  • Personal Website – You have access to a personal website that features all your travel, shopping, dining and entertainment discounts, and benefits, including online customer support!
  • Your membership includes you, your spouse and any dependent children

This Travel Membership is for people who want

  • Luxury destinations at affordable prices
  • Save time and frustration on research
  • 5-star vacations with more inclusions
  • Luxury vacation home experiences
  • Great deals for top destinations
  • Access over 400,000 worldwide
  • Access to better than public pricing
  • Special cruise deals from leading cruise lines
  • Spend quality time with family enjoying a stress-free vacation
  • Discover new cultures
  • Vacations to remember, forever
  • Plan the perfect escape
  • Leave the daily grind behind and plan their bucket list instead

    Your next vacation is waiting, let’s start your Membership TODAY!