Trip Report – 4 Days In Hong Kong – Day 3 – Stanley

Stanley Beach Hong Kong

With 1 day left on our hop on and off bus ticket, it was time to visit Stanley the “beach” district of Hong Kong. Plus we returned to the spots we’d seen on our previous days in Hong Kong that needed more exploring.

First stop was the Peak Tram. Buying one of the bus tickets also gives you access to ride the Peak Tram to the top and back.

Open carriages take you to the very top of the mountain peak. Here you can enjoy stunning 360-degree views of Hong Kong.

You can listen in to a commentary of key Hong Kong spots filling you in on the details of particular areas in the various Hong Kong districts.

Apart from the beautiful views as everywhere in Hong Kong, there are places to shop for clothing, souvenirs, food, jewellery, etc. There is a choice of restaurants too. We opted for a cold drink at Bubba Gump, which is a great themed (chain) restaurant, with plenty of memorabilia from the Forest Gump movie.

4 days in Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Stanley Beach and Stanley Markets Hong Kong

After a short 20 minute wait, we picked up a bus on a different circuit and headed out to Stanley. Stanley is a quaint little village near the ocean on the northern side of Hong Kong Island.

It was lovely to escape the hustle and bustle of the city for the afternoon, however, I do believe a visit to this side of the Island is very busy on weekends as it’s a favourite with locals.

Many of the locals either live outside the city towards Stanley or in Stanley itself. I understand why as it’s a beautiful picturesque part of Hong Kong with stunning views.

We headed to the oceanfront and ate a simple salad and enjoyed a cold glass of white, with a wander through the markets afterwards.

Kev picked up a pair of jeans (yes he does shop, occasionally!), which he says are the best fitting jeans he has ever bought! That would be apart from the OTHER ones he also bought later on in Koh Samui!

I bought a beautiful cashmere sweater and a cashmere travel wrap that’s worn 5 different ways depending on how it’s worn.

Afterwards, we waited in the heat for the next bus. Soon after we arrived at the bus stop other travelers arrived and within minutes a global community had gathered.

Fellow Aussies, Americans, Canadians, Kiwi’s and Chinese all interacting, finding out where people had been, where they were going, sharing stories, travel does that doesn’t it? In my home country, it’s rare if complete strangers strike up a conversation. Is it like this where you live too?

We took the bus back to the Star Ferry terminal and once again caught a taxi back to our hotel. Time to make plans for dinner, where to tonight was the question.

Dinner in Soho Hong Kong 

We decided to take Kev’s Sister-In-Law’s recommendation and eat at The Monogamous Chinese. It was a restaurant she had tried just the month previous when she had been in Hong Kong.

Her cousin lives in Hong Kong so we thought a bit of local knowledge was a good recommendation so we booked.

The Monogamous Chinese is a quaint little restaurant, with seating for about 50. Gorgeous and interesting artwork adorned the walls. Some of the art clearly conveying the artist disagreement with the handing back of Hong Kong to China from the Brits.

The menu looked appealing with many dishes to choose. We both ordered salmon for our entrée’s and it was a beautiful dish, plenty of salmon.

Mains were a different story; I clearly chose the wrong dish. It was described as chicken and leek on the menu and resembled tiny crumbed, deep fried greasy morsels of what I didn’t know. We didn’t touch that dish other than to taste it initially. We couldn’t taste the chicken, nor the leek.

I don’t know about you when we have dinner or lunch in a restaurant we are there to relax, enjoy the food and wine and the ambiance of the restaurant.

We felt very rushed at The Monogamous Chinese with our mains arriving at the table only a few minutes after the entrée plates were cleared.

We realized why as table after table arrived with the restaurant filling within 15 minutes. I guess they wanted us fed, watered and out as soon as possible. However, we took our time, as there was half a bottle of wine left.

Afterwards, we walked down in the direction of the harbour, through the Middle Levels and Soho. We traveled the escalators finally having a nightcap amidst what appeared to be the expat bar area of Hong Kong.

Did you find a favourite bar/restaurant in the Soho area of Hong Kong when you visited? Pop it in the comments below, we’d love to hear them!

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