Trip Report – 4 Days In Hong Kong – Day 4 – Soho

Trip Report – 4 Days in Hong Kong – Day 4 – Soho

With our hop on and off bus tickets used, we headed out after breakfast to our nearest MKR station. Our plan was to travel to Kowloon to see the much talked about Jade markets and then back to the Soho district and the mid levels.

The efficiency of the MKR is outstanding with the train stopping at the exact spot where the doors open. This is achieved by a gap formed by the Perspex floor to ceiling barriers. The trains were always packed with people, however, didn’t seem busy because of the efficiency of the system.

From Central To Kowloon took a grand total of 7 minutes. The train really picking up speed as it headed into the tunnel, under the harbor.

We were a little distracted from the Jade Markets when we found them as the food markets were in full swing.

Food market Hong Kong

In typical Asian fashion fresh meat hung ready to carve for the many shoppers. No refrigeration and surprisingly, no flies despite the humid, high temperatures.

Chicken and fish some alive some not, plus a variety of seafood and pork. Some of the fish and seafood are kept in tanks until they are chosen for someone’s dinner…we didn’t hang around to witness what happened after that.

Over to the Jade Markets and I’d have to say I was a little disappointed. I’m not sure what I was expecting, perhaps a much grander version? The markets were tiny with pretty much the same on offering on every stall.

I’m no Jade expert but the Jade didn’t appear to be of a great quality. I also noticed there were more trinkets and souvenir types of products. If you are buying Jade in Hong Kong the best and safest place to purchase would be a jeweler who specializes in Jade. Then you will be guaranteed of its authenticity.

Soho Hong Kong

We ventured back to Hong Kong Island as I wanted to check out the Soho district again and have a good look around.

Soho is serviced by elevators that transport masses of people throughout the mid levels and up to the top of Hong Kong. It travels in an upward direction from 10 am – 6 am. From 6 am – 10 am it transports locals down through the mid levels to work!

The elevators were developed to alleviate congestion at peak hours for Hong Kong residents making it easier for them to get to work.

Lunch was our first priority. There are lots of eateries on either side of the elevators, so finding food wasn’t a problem. Good food AND air con was a must for us! We found a lovely lunch spot called Staunton’s Wine Bar & Restaurant and quickly ordered a salad each with chicken and salmon.

Satisfied I wandered off back down to the lower levels where I spied a few stores we don’t have in Australia I wanted to check out. Kev, desperate to find an internet connection to see if he could watch an AFL match stayed in the air con. My funds remained intact as there was nothing that really floated my boat in any of the stores.

One observation I made was how busy the stores were. Saturday must be the day for locals for their favorite pastime, shopping.

Back to hotel for a rest and relax and packing before dinner. Tonight we chose to eat at a place where local knowledge abounds and unless we had read reviews we would have missed this treat.

Up a set of stairs and into what looked like a food court. A variety of vendors with different cuisines on offer, from takeaway thru to authentic Indian to the reason we were there, the ABC Kitchen.

We were greeted by the owner and seated quickly. Wine glasses, cutlery, an ice bucket and menus materialized in an instant and we settled in for our meal.

If you weren’t aware of this little place you probably would take a peek into the food court area, turn and find elsewhere to eat. Filled with mostly plastic chairs and tables and on the whole a really grotty appearance.

ABC Kitchen space here was way more upmarket tho, adorning our dining table was red and white checkered tablecloths, 🙂 his tables took up 1/4 of the whole floor space, testimony to his excellent food and service.

Our 4 days in Hong Kong adventure over. It was time to move on to our next adventure, on Koh Samui in Thailand.

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