Trip Report – 4 Days in Hong Kong – Kowloon Day 2 – Part 2

Kowloon Hong Kong

If you haven’t read Kowloon Part 1 where we ate Dim Sum, you can read it here.

Feeling pleasantly satisfied with full tummies we were ready to explore Kowloon.

Stepping out onto the street, looking like real tourists, we pulled out our Hop-on-and-off map to look for a stop to catch the Kowloon bus.

No sooner had we opened our map a guy dressed in one of the distinctive red uniforms stopped. He asked if we needed help finding the bus stop. As we I said we did, he beckoned us to follow him.

He took us to the stop outside the Peninsular Hotel to pick up the next bus to show us the Kowloon side of Hong Kong.

We had around 20 minutes to wait so chose to escape the humidity and heat and check out the inside of the hotel where the infamous High Tea is held daily.

The Peninsular is a truly beautiful hotel, a real throwback to the colonial days with all staff in tailored, smart looking uniforms, the place oozes class.

We struck up a conversation outside with a couple from New Zealand who had just stayed there. It was their third stay and they reported they enjoy it every time.

Shopping in Kowloon

Our main reason for wanting to tour Kowloon (ok my main reason) was to check out the ladies market and sneaker street.

Boy did I need sneakers. Pretty sure I’d left the “seasoned traveler” part of my brain back in the hotel. I had thongs (That’s Aussie for flip-flops in case you were wondering) on. In the Hong Kong heat and humidity, they were not the smartest choice as they had started to rub my feet and toes.

The ladies market didn’t disappoint and I picked up some beautiful scarfs, for the cooler weather back home and a small handbag (purse).

Kev picked up a much-needed leather belt, kept up a cracking pace through the markets (seriously, why do men walk so fast when shopping?) and many handbags and other potential purchases were left behind!

Sneaker Street is appropriately named as there is shop after shop full of every brand of sports shoe you would care to name.

I found a great pair of Nike’s about 25% less than in stores at home so I bought them. A few pairs of socks also made it into the shopping bag and wore them out the store. What a relief.

Time to head back to the last bus. The bus had a stop at the ferry back to Hong Kong Island. There we caught a taxi to our hotel to rest before dinner.

Dinner in Sheng Wan

Dinner that night was to be around the Sheng Wan district where we were staying. Sometimes we’ll just hit the street and see what we can find and we weren’t disappointed.

We ate like a local again, the only Caucasians in the place. We received more attention than other diners as the other staff wanted to know what we were saying from our waiter. He was the only person who spoke English translating the conversation.

This particular restaurant, sorry, I didn’t write down the name but you can’t miss it. It is known for its grouper as it was featured not only on the menu but by two of the largest living fish I’ve seen in a fish tank. Poor fish.

The fish tank takes pride of place at the front of the restaurant and forms part of the shop front with the tank forming part of the wall that faces the street.

I sincerely hope the fish don’t spend a great deal of time there as they could barely move as they were so large. 

Dinner was a simple mixed stir-fry vegetable dish and chicken dish. Delicious and complete with the chicken’s head. Definitely wasn’t expecting that.

When I asked our waiter if he ate the head, he said, “No, that’s to show you that the chicken in the dish is fresh!” Well there you go, I didn’t know that.

Dinner in Sheng Wan Hong Kong

With a short stroll back to our hotel it wasn’t long before our heads hit the pillow.

What is the most bizarre dish have seen or had on your travels?

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