Trip Report – Day 4 – Kota Kinabalu

Trip Report – Day 4 – Kota Kinabalu


Our travel buddies suggested the day previously that we all go white water rafting. They booked when I was out having my treatments the previous day and Kev didn’t know whether I wanted to go, so declined! Glad in a way he did decline as it POURED with rain that day and the others reported that it was pretty miserable!

So a relax day for us. We watched the weather come across the bay, read, and for me, writing for my trip report.

The management team at Layang Layang finally contacted us very apologetic for the mistakes. They confirmed that we would have seats on the flight that was due out the following day. They did try and wriggle out of refunding us for the lost days on the island, and on the extra accommodation, however we did point out that we weren’t actually asking for all expenses including food, taxi fares, the time it took for the many emails and phone calls that we have incurred, or the broken promises. Finally an agreement to refund came!

Suria Sabah Kota Kinabalu

That sorted we headed out for the day and visited the brand new shopping center in Kota Kinabalu, Surai Sabah. Some retailers hadn’t finished their fit outs and there were many vacant shops in this 8 level shopping center.

We shopped in CG Groceries an upmarket supermarket catering and no doubt targeting tourists and the expat community. Here you will find fresh produce and grocery items from all over the world. The most prominent representation was from Australia, England and America.

There was also a small wine and spirit area carrying some well known wine brands that we recognized from Australia, Leewin Estate, Evans & Tate, and Wolf Blass are a few that spring to mind.

There are all sorts of brands there and even a small Apple store. I saw a library from the outside of the building which looked to be around the 8th floor.

We wandered back towards our hotel through alleyways and streets and saw local businesses going about their day. Kota Kinabalu is different from other Asian countries as we were not hassled to buy watches, time share and sarongs! Once we politely declined a massage, we weren’t hassled again during our stay, it’s like the staff remembered us!

For lunch we chose the Thai restaurant again, this time we had a lovely seafood platter for 2 (that’s it at the top of the page!). The servings were just right and it was a lovely way to spend an afternoon eating seafood, sipping wine and watching the local fisherman in the bay gearing up for another nights work.

As it was a hot, steamy afternoon from the mornings rain the humidity was high, so we opted for a cool off around the pool, sipping cocktails hoping for a (non existent) sunset across the water. A stunning sunset didn’t happen due to the cloud cover.

A quick get ready and as Kev’s brother fancied Peking Duck we asked the concierge where he would recommend in Kota Kinabalu. He announced “The Hong Kong Chinese” was “the best” so we headed there as it was in the nearby Centrepoint Shopping Center.

The restaurant seemed more like a takeaway place and had a bunch of teenagers working there. This and that they had sold out for the night of duck, we opted for a quick taxi ride to the Hyatt Regency.

Peking Duck

There we found our Peking duck! One duck served two ways. Firstly it was served with small pancakes, hoisin sauce, shallots and cucumber. The second dish served as a wet dish with chunks of duck meat and beautifully cooked fresh vegetables.

Where’s the best Duck you have eaten in your travels or staycation?

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