Trip Report – Day 6 – Layang Layang – Wrasse Bay

Trip Report – Day 6 – Layang Layang – Wrasse Bay

A light continental breakfast is served before the first dive of the day on Layang Layang. This light breakfast is then followed by a full breakfast when divers return. Served around 7am this allows the divers to have something in their stomach before the 8am dive.

Wrasse Bay was our first dive site with the weather decidedly better than the previous day. Such a contrast, beautiful sunshine, cleaner skies and picture post-card turquoise water. Bliss!

As the name suggests Wrasse Bay is an area where Wrasse large and small can be spotted. For those of us that stayed on the wall we enjoyed a slight current which made for an enjoyable drift dive.

This was the point of the dive the group that wanted to swim out into the blue to search for hammerheads. They left us and swam out 30 meters, descended to 30 meters for 15 minutes. Unfortunately they not only didn’t see hammerheads they spied nothing else either! What a disappointment!

We meet back up with them further along the wall and at a shallower depth of 15 meters where we saw a white tipped shark, a school of barracuda, huge bump head wrasse and a very inquisitive turtle who swan right up to a diver and touched their mask with his nose!

The wall was covered by a variety of or colored soft and hard corals, including some huge barrel corals. Really enjoyable dive, apparently the best the rest of group had seen, minus the hammerhead disappointment of course!

Further along and around 15 meters I spied a huge trigger fish, it was being quite aggressive with the smaller fish that dared to trespass near where he was hovering. Apparently at that time they were protecting eggs, hence the aggressiveness!

Trigger Fish

Mr Trigger Fish maid a B line straight for me so I finned strait ahead trying to ignore what I had witnessed. My dive buddy, Devi saw what was happening and tried to shoo him away! This was to no avail as the fish turned, chased him and bit him just above the top of his ankle! Trigger fish 1 – Devi nil!

Layang Layang – Shark Cave 1

Our dive brief was to float along the wall, reef on our right until we reached a point of a cave. The cave was only 10 meters wide and about 7 meters deep and was around 27 meters down.

I hung around inside the entry, I’m not that fond of confined places at the best of times and 27 meters under the water even less so! I found lots to see inside the entrance including a comical little fish, large wrasse and various types of corals including Barrel Coral.

Layang Layang Pier

Some RnR for me rather than diving the 3rd dive. I did however join a small group and dived the pier. These dives are referred to as a muck dive and I now know why. Divers can kick up a fair bit of sand and there can be a lot of general muck floating around in the water with the landscape quite baron making visibility quite poor.

That said we did spy a few little bits and prices. What was noticeable there were tamer versions of quite a few species of fish that we saw on the walls and deeper depths!

First up a couple of lion fish followed by a fair few various colored clams, sea urchins, a moray eel and the usual hard and soft corals.

Even on this shallow dive of 10 meters I still had trouble descending! Ahhh so frustrating! Around that time I was hoping my diving on Layang Layang would improve.

A quick shower and then drinks for happy hour. Diving is a very social event too and most of the group have known each other for 30 years or so. This can be the only time of the year that they get together and socialize. In their much younger days the happy hours would extend into the early hours of the morning, now, most are heading to bed by 8.30 to read!

What part of the world have you had the best snorkeling or diving experience?

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