Trip Report – Day 8 Kuala Lumpur

Trip Report – Day 8 Kuala Lumpur

We arrived in Kuala Lumpur (KL) around 5pm, 20 minutes early – thanks to Air Asia. I don’t think I have experienced that before! 10 of that 20 minutes were spent walking from the plane to the arrivals hall. It seemed our plane was the furthest from the terminal!

We had pre-purchased 2 tickets on the Air Asia Sky Bus (AUD$5 each) once we collect our luggage we made our way to the bus stop.

There are a row of bus and taxi companies in the arrivals hall touting for your business and either a 8 ringitt bus ticket or 75 ringitt taxi ride will delivery you into the city center.

The LCCT terminal is a good hours bus ride from the bus station in Kuala Lumpur. it’s a bit of a free-for-all upon arrival, buses and people everywhere!

A word of caution here…we were traveling with 2 dive bags (around 18kg each) and 1 small suitcase. When our luggage went into the hold the suitcase was under on of the dive bags.

When we arrived the 2 dive bags came out of the hold, my suitcase, nowhere to be seen! Kev ran off as he spied a passenger with what he thought was my red suitcase and I stood with the 2 dive bags still watching the hold on the bus empty out.

The driver closed one of the doors quickly and about to close the other, I had to yell above all the din in the bus terminal and told him my suitcase had been stolen. Oh, no problem he told me and crawled into the hold and pulled out my suitcase. Previously it was nowhere to been seen, however, he appeared to know exactly where it was!

That sorted and Kev back from his detective work, we made the silly mistake of taking the escalator up to the next level to find the monorail as we knew our stop for our hotel was just 4 stops away.

I say silly mistake as the monorail was on the same level as the buses and we had traveled up the top level of the terminal and the only way back down was via stairs, with 3 bags!

We decided to catch a taxi and stood in the queue (which moved pretty fast) 13 ringitts from the terminal to our hotel at the Berjaya Times Square.

When booking hotels online we always request a room on a high floor, not only are the views good it’s a great way to orient yourself to new surroundings.

When checking in we always ask if it is possible to have a room on a high floor as we did at the Berjaya. The front office executive took care of our check-in and he seemed to be struggling with supplying a non-smoking room (smoking is still acceptable in public places in Malaysia) and a high floor.

He advised that on the 4th floor there was a room ready. Kev asked again if a high floor was possible. After some humming and haring, hand flying across the keyboard and a few words with a colleague, suddenly we were in a club suite on the 22nd floor! Very appreciative for our upgrade, the second one of the trip!

Very spacious room and a lovely view. The comfort level of the bed and pillows were below standard as they were very hard, kind of like sleeping on concrete!

The hotel itself was centrally located to all the sights, eateries, etc. of Kuala Lumpur plus 10 or so levels of mediocre shopping (the first few floors were OK) with lots of take-away type of food outlets.

It had been another long day traveling from Layang Layang, and it was hot, humid and we were a little weary. I can’t remember a hot shower feeling so good.

Feeling revitalized we opted for a restaurant within the hotel for dinner. Although I had been well catered for on the Layang Layang Island, the same vegetable dish for lunch and dinner had been a tad monotonous.

We dined at Samplings On The Fourteen, the university of hospitality training restaurant, although the prices didn’t reflect this! The staff provided great service. We both chose smoked salmon for an entree and I the spring chicken for mains with Kev enjoying good old Australian lamb.

My chicken appeared sparsely as 2 tiny drumsticks/thigh cut, with the drum stick being about the size of my thumb. A little disappointing for me. Kev ordered his lamb to be cooked medium and parts of the meat were still a bit blue (raw). Normally we order lamb and beef medium rare when dining out in Oz however, here, medium is medium rare as we discovered on our first night of the trip.

With our bellies now full we wandered back to our suite for a much welcomed sleep on our first night in Kuala Lumpur.

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