Trip Report – Kuala Lumpur Part 1

Trip Report – Kuala Lumpur Part 1

Kuala Lumpur doesn’t get going for tourists until at least 10am. The stores and MASSIVE shopping centers trade from 10am-10pm 7 days per week.

This suits us anywhere in the world as we like to laze around in the mornings, read, catch up on emails, upload pics, charge all that needs to be charged and for me update my blog!

Our hotel, The Berjaya is attached to one of the largest shopping centers,  in Malaysia called Times Square. It is ridiculously large and I thought at the time I doubted if I would have to shop anywhere else.

Although being a woman, and as all women would know, if there is somewhere else to shop we’d like to check that out too…variety is good!

There is another ridiculously large shopping centre that rivals Times Square tho, The Pavilion. It is the newest shopping precinct hosting all the well known designers. Ralph, Louie, Tommy and Co. They grace the outside of the center. 

Breakfast was in the centre, a one of the many cafe’s. We took a table out on the street to witness the world going by (a favourite pastime!) and ordered Nasi Goreng with an egg. Yum, spicy, more flavour than chilli hot although I’m sure our palate had changed after sampling some of the local dishes ladened with chilli!

As a bonus tea is served, great tea, however it was sugared way beyond anything we could drink so we gave it a miss. So be sure to order a plain tea and sugar it yourself!

We are great fans of exploring a new city via the hop on and off buses that seem to be available no matter where we are in the world. I have used them in Spain, Paris, Rome and even in Oz. it’s a great way to orientate yourself to your new surrounds.

So that was first up on our agenda, take the whole tour, noting the places that we’d like to visit and then visiting them the following day.

In Kuala Lumpur there is one route taking around 3hrs, depending on the traffic. Actually, if you ask any local, “How far to…?” the response is always however long with an added…”depending on the traffic!”

The common trade mark of Asia is the motorbike, had disappear in Kuala Lumpur having being replaced by cars. In other Asian countries that we have visited, e.g. Indonesia and Vietnam there are motorbikes galore! This is not the case in Kuala Lumpur and not in Kota Kinabalu either, unless there is a secret underground carpark for motorbikes that runs the width and breadth of the county!

We joined the bus at bus stop #6 in Bukit Bintang area and stayed on until the Petronas Towers. The architecture is a mixture of old, new traditional and Islamic. I love seeing all the different building that are standing and those that were under construction.

Kuala Lumpur was definitely under construction as many cranes filled the skyline. The Malays are no wallflowers when it comes to stretching themselves, exploring new and different architecture, glass, stainless steel and marble appeared to be common favorites.

The Petronas Towers dominate the skyline and is a site to behold. Before visiting Kuala Lumpur I wondered what all the fuss was about, having been there I understand! The skyscrapers look magnificent during the day and outstanding at night, lighting up like the proverbial Christmas tree!

If you want to see inside the towers you must make your way to the Towers and queue from 7am to buy tickets for the next day. There are only a certain amount of tickets allocated on any given day and there are no free tickets as there use to be a number of years ago.

Naturally, this is a very popular attraction made even more so by the demand. It was explained that they have to control the amount of tickets “for safety reasons” how true this is I don’t know, if you visit the towers you will find they look pretty sturdy!

Because we were there early Saturday afternoon, all the tickets for the following day were sold out. We could have queued on the Sunday, not for Mondays tickets, as the tower attraction is closed Mondays for maintenance, but for Tuesday. As we were flying out to Redang Island Tuesday, we missed out.

No big deal I soooooo dislike queuing for anything (especially food) it’s a hang over from the days I lived in Africa where queues were just a way of life. I was initiated into the queuing life there after queuing for over an hour at the post office to buy a stamp! Queuing with 2 small children under 4 at the time has scared me for life!

Back on the bus we opted for the Kuala Lumpur tower thinking we could perhaps have a snack and a drink overlooking the city, this was not to be we found out later.

We bought our tickets from the bus company for 40 ringitts saving ourselves 5 ringitts from purchasing at the tower itself. What we didn’t know there was a race on that day, the annual tower race where competitors race up the 2058 stairs!

KL Tower

Imagine this, a very hot, humid day the height of activity of 100’s of competitors, sponsors and the usual tourist trade. Fortunately I think we missed the whole race as it appeared to be over when we arrived. It was certainly worth visiting as the view was great!

What is the longest time you have had to queue for an attraction when you’ve been traveling?

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