Trip Report – The Taaras Redang Island

Trip Report – The Taaras Redang Island

The Taaras sits in its own private bay of powder white sand and a beautiful turquoise sea. The tranquility of the bay meets you as your eyes feast on their new surrounds. With no waves, it appears to be a giant salt water swimming pool.

Being a 5 star resort, The Taaras has swimming pool which seems it was there purely for decoration, I didn’t witness anybody swimming throughout our whole stay

Most people prefer to sit under the beach cabanas and gaze at the sea, it’s a stunning view, the ideal location for relaxation, the bay really makes The Taaras Resort.

Our accommodation at The Taaras was on the 3rd floor perched upon a hill, overlooking the bay. Surrounded by a tropical forest/jungle there were 3 blocks of 3 storey apartments nestled amongst the trees and palms.

I had specifically asked for a room on the 3rd floor as I had read a tip that they command the best views of the bay.

There are other accommodation styles at The Taaras, garden units, and what are described as beachfront villas, however, there is a stretch of lawn and palms that separate the villas from the beach, so The Taaras doesn’t have any accommodation right on the beach itself in case you were picturing walking directly onto the powdery sand from your villa.

Once we had unpacked, settled in and enjoyed a drink on our balcony, we headed down to the resort to check out the dive centre, etc. Not realising the time (as you do on holidays) the dive master had packed up for the day and gone home. There was, however, some bar staff around that gave us some handouts for the dive sites, pricing, etc.


What a surprise when returned to our room, there had been a monkey invasion! I had done a fair bit of reading about The Taaras and nowhere had I read anything about monkeys until I read the sign on our balcony door warning us to keep it shut and not to feed them as it is considered a crime in Malaysia!

We had closed our balcony door as instructed, however, we hadn’t locked it! The monkey had slid the door open climbed onto the dressing table/desk and devoured 2 apples and an orange!

She (as our neighbours saw her) had also been into a small bag of groceries, chose a packet of mixed nuts, opened the pack and devoured the whole lot! How clever is that? There is no way I’d have thought a monkey was capable of all that but half chewn tiny mouthfuls of apple provided the evidence that they are more than capable!

Cleaning up the bits of orange peel (apparently they mustn’t taste good to a monkey!) our neighbour came onto their balcony, stuck his head around the corner of the wall to tell us the monkey story of what had happened. He even provided the evidence on his phone! So if you a going to The Taaras beware of the monkeys!

Dinner for our first evening took place on the beach as there was a BBQ taking place. Kev ordered a beer whilst I perused the wine list. Surprisingly, there were very few whites and as I soon discovered a few were “sold out”. Sold out??? How does The Taaras, a 5-Star resort, with over the top prices, sell out?

The same reason The Taaras 5-Star Resort has around 3 staff to one guest, looks good, however the staff were poorly trained. They seem to be quite timid with no confidence whether they are clearing a table or serving a drink. In fact, Kev offered that the resort was too sterile, with no atmosphere. It seemed the staff were all holding their breath, feeling as tho it had to be serious with no frivolity or fun allowed!


For the 170 Ringitts ($60) charged per person for the BBQ, one wouldn’t call it value for money, but! we decided we would give it a full day before we placed any sort of judgement on the place. Sometimes things just don’t work out and bad days happen.

…and this is what we advised the F&B Manager when he visited our table later in the evening whilst we listened to some music from the quartet that played. He enquired how our meal was, we hesitated, he insisted, so we were honest. We feel The Tarras trade purely upon the beauty of its surrounds, charges a handsome price to its guest, but the service, food and attention to details don’t match the prices charged. He did ask…!

Where have you stayed where the level of service didn’t match the price OR exceeded your expectations?

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