Uni Organics Skincare Review – Luxe Travel Kit

Uni Organics Skincare Review – Luxe Travel Kit

The purpose of this Uni Organics Skin Care Review is to convey to you how I used the product and more importantly how it felt on my skin.

I’ll encourage you to do your own research here about Uni Organics inspiring ingredients if you are a lover of details, plus you’ll find other general information about the Uni Organics range.

Uni Organics skincare, and in particular the Luxe Travel Kit, came in very handy on a recent interstate trip, after I had left my regular travel kit in a hotel room, as I explained here.

At my 50 something age, you don’t travel through life without using a skincare range or two, so I believe I’m more than qualified to share my experiences of the Uni Organics Certified Skincare range.

* Please note I purchased the Uni Organics Luxe Travel Kit and have chosen to write a Uni Organics Skincare Review independently. All views are my own.


Uni Organics

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Certified Organic Skincare

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Uni Organics Luxe Travel Kit


Uni Organics Skincare – Luxe Travel Kit

Uni Organics Perfectly Clean

Uni Organics Perfectly Clean

Perfectly Clean Daily Cleanser

Stunned would be the description I’d use to describe how I felt after using the Cleanser, it’s very concentrated!

I always use a cleanser in the shower to save time. The tube is easy to squeeze a tiny amount out, think the size of a pea!

The product glided easily over my wet skin & I began to wonder if I’d mistakenly picked up the day cream as it felt so soft on my skin.

I’d left my eye makeup remover behind so applied the cleanser all over my face. It removed it completely without stinging.

My face felt soft after it was dried, unusual for a cleanser.

If I HAD to pick a favourite, this product would win…just!


Uni Organics Fresh Focus

Uni Organics Fresh Focus

Fresh Focus Gentle Face Exfoliator

To compare properly, I used the Exfoliator a day after the cleanser as I wanted to feel the difference of each product on my skin. I wasn’t disappointed.

Small beads distributed quickly across my face, I loved that gentle feeling, rather than the harsh “scrubs” I’ve used in other products. Again my skin felt lovely and soft.




Uni Organics Restore

Uni Organics Restore

Restore Anti-Age Face Serum

Applied before the day cream, my skin must have needed some extra hydration and absorbed the Serum quickly. I love that it leaves no residue on my skin. Felt great! No need to wait until the crinkles start, I’d start using this if I were in my 20’s!





Uni Organics Good Day

Uni Organics Good Day

Good Day Face Hydrating Day Cream

Applied after the Anti-Aging Face Serum, the Day Cream glides on easily. I have an oily T, so by the day’s end I can be quite shiny. Not so with this day cream, it penetrated into my skin rather than sitting on top!





Uni Organics Wonder Balm

Uni Organics Wonder Balm

Wonder Balm Lip Conditioner

Wonder Balm is a lip conditioner, I applied the balm both with and without lipstick. Great to add some shine to a matt lipstick or a la natural with a healthy glow. My lips felt soft & moisturized, the wonder Balm guarded them against the wind and harsh drying air of Melbourne’s Autumn weather. Love the flavour too!

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