When Life Gets Your Attention – How To Handle Uncertainty

When Life Gets Your Attention – How To Handle Uncertainty

How life can change in a week, from being on top of the world to uncertainty in a few short days.

For nearly a week now I’ve been uncomfortable in a painful kind of way with lower back pain and tummy pain, painful enough for me to head for a Doctor on Saturday morning to see if all was right with my body or not.

My Doctor was concerned so tests were ordered and scans performed to explore what is going on down there, you know in the lady garden region (sorry guys!).

I receive my results today and as the pain hasn’t subsided and kept me awake most of last night I’m very unsure and even a little scared about what the scans will reveal.

That’s my mind at work, overthinking everything, thinking the worst, and wondering “what if?”

What if…it’s the big C then a barrage of thoughts that backs that theory up to the hilt invades my mind, enough to send me into the deepest darkest depths of depression. AND I’m going on a trip in a week…what happens if?

Unless! I take control and shift my thoughts and ask better questions of myself. Such as, what if it’s a strange virus that passes in a week? What if it’s just my body’s physical reaction to the major changes taking place in my life right now? (More on that in another post coming soon).

This came from a conversation over dinner the other night with Kevin, I started to tell him I was a little concerned and before I rambled on with a story, he stopped me and explained how he deals with “that sort of thing”.

He waits for the results, then makes decisions from that point rather than worrying about it beforehand, that’s how to handle uncertainty in his eyes.

Of course, if you and I were having a coffee together I’d probably say the same type of thing but in more of a girly kind of way if you get my drift?

I’m a great advocate for “why worry about things that you can’t control?” and “worry about it when there is something concrete to worry about.” Sound advice to give someone else, but hey when it’s me we are talking about, and it could be serious, well, it’s a different story! ?

Anyway, that’s what I have done, focused on the positive around me, keeping up a certain amount of work to keep my mind focused on the future, getting as much rest as possible and increasing my water intake.

I’ve watched movies that have made me laugh on Netflix mixed with those that lift me up and read articles that are positive and full of wisdom.

It does make you stop and think though in times of uncertainty. It’s made me stop and appreciate my life, right now, in the moment. Thankful for where I live, my family, friends and the simple things like the warmth of the sun.

What do you do when life throws you a curve ball? How do you handle uncertainty?

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