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Annette JonesWorld Travel Tribe was created by Annette in August 2014 primarily as a personal account of her travels.

Annette’s writing is geared towards providing unique, authentic information for travelers around the world. Authentic reviews of accommodation, restaurants, day spas, cafes, markets, wineries, travel products, travel-related tours, trips, and experiences are provided throughout the site.

Annette writes stories about their adventures around Australia and the world, from diving with humpback whales in Tonga, savoring seafood from the local market in Kota Kinabalu to the quiet and serenity of a relaxing trip to Bali.

Annette is a blogger, photographer & videographer (amateur). She’s lived in 4 countries, 2 as an expat, surviving a civil war with two small children and has traveled across 5 continents. She travels solo and also with her partner Kevin.

World Travel Tribe’s primary topics include:

  • Authentic Reviews
  • Travel Destinations
  • Travel Products
  • Food and Wine
  • Tips for Travel Planning
  • Topical Travel Related News
  • Promotion of Independent Travel

World Travel Tribe believes travel is fun and exciting, business relationships are fun and the key reason for being in business is to live the lifestyle you truly want and deserve, it’s one of the reasons this blog was created.

Annette and Kevin love to connect with people who love travel, exploring cultures, unique experiences that allow them to travel deeper. They encourage and help people to follow their dreams, create memorable moments and travel more often.

They partner with brands that align with their values, creating feedback and useful actionable information for their readers, helping them in their travel decisions and purchases.

Currently, they are based on the beautiful Gold Coast, Australia, until their latest business venture is complete. Once complete, it’s their priority to pack up and hit the road full-time, exploring more of Australia and the world.

World Travel Tribe is Annette’s full-time career and she and Kevin are available for reviews, trips, and other travel-related adventures.

Why Work With World Travel Tribe?

Because they are independent travelers

Annette has been traveling since she was 2 years old. From road trips to 4wd camping, organized tours and now independent trips. Travel is her priority, traveling several times per year, locally, interstate and internationally.

Kevin has also traveled extensively, exploring the top end of Australia for several months, South East Asia, U.S.A. motorbike tours through Vietnam and diving some of the most pristine waters throughout Papua New Guinea and Micronesia.

Both Annette and Kevin are keen scuba divers.

Because of their experience and knowledge

17 years of business experience for Annette and 30+ for Kevin enable them to make quick decisions, provide excellent service and over-deliver on expectations. They provide honest and authentic reviews and feedback.

Studies show that travellers turn to web-based content from real people describing deep authentic travel experiences rather than big-brand websites. Their readers know they can trust them as they can connect with Annette easily, every day, through this site or her social media channels.

She provides detailed descriptions and images about your destination, product or accommodation to her highly targeted followers across their social media accounts. Plus searchable content through well-crafted articles found in search engines throughout the web.

Her reviews are honest and authentic and not swayed by monetary compensation. She calls it how she sees it and experiences it.

Because of her highly engaged followers

Starting from scratch, within World Travel Tribe’s first-year their social media following grew from 0 to 35,000+
Their followers engage daily on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. All accounts are monitored daily by Annette 365 days per year. Yes, even on Christmas Day!

Pinterest Followers 33,000+
Facebook Followers – 20,000+
Twitter Followers – 4000+
Instagram Followers – 900+

World Travel Tribe stats change daily, should you require current screenshots to help you with your decision to partner with Annette please contact her here.

World Travel Tribe

World Travel Tribe is a travel blog that provides authentic information for travlers allowing them to make educated decisions on where they will Eat, Stay and Play. They encourage people to create memorable moments by traveling often. Their goal is to make a positive difference in the lifestyles of people around the world by inspiring them to create moments that make a difference in their lives by achieving their goals, fun travel experiences, helping them to travel more often.

World Travel Tribe Readership

Are you looking for a meaningful targeted publicity for your brand? Consider World Travel Tribe’s assistance.

The readership is made from readers from all around the world, primarily from the US. Readers are predominantly English-speaking women between 35-55 years of age. They have a keen interest in travel, food and wine, day spa’s, adventure and entertainment.

At World Travel Tribe, Annette and Kevin work with companies that align with their values:

  • Companies that promote local businesses and smaller merchants
  • Companies that provide excellent service to travelers
  • Companies that care about their environment
  • Companies who promote their local area

Sponsorship Opportunities

All sponsorship is customised to the brand and Annette’s readership.

Sponsored Content

A review of your product or brand delivered in a published article and promoted through social media channels

Press or Industry Familiarisation Trips

Annette will provide honest, authentic feedback about accommodation, trips, tours, services and destination experiences. An article will be produced, photo’s, video’s and/or campaign promoting any/all of the above including social media.

Brand Ambassadors

Careful consideration will be given to a maximum of 3 non-conflicting brands. Support will be given via regular mentions across social media, recommendations, and regular content throughout the site.

Annette is also open to representing brands at corporate events and appearances in promotional materials.


Giveaways via competitions. Article on the site plus promotions through social media channels.

Product Reviews

Samples must be provided by you, the sponsor.

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